Omega Announces Its Own Replica Watches Certification System To Add Science To Your Wrist

Omega Announces Its Own Replica Watch Certification System To Add Science To Your Wrist

omega-first-master-chronometer_1Why should you, a tech person, care about Omega Replica creating something called the Master Chronometer Certification? Well, first let me tell you what’s up.

So nice Replica Watches are usually Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronometers (COSC) certified. This means they’ve been tested for accuracy in various positions. Here’s the breakdown on the certification:

Each uncased movement is individually tested for fifteen days, in five positions, at three different temperatures. The movements are fitted with a seconds hand and the automatic winding mechanisms are disengaged for the tests. Measurements are made daily with the aid of cameras.
Imagine this is a sort of finishing school for Replica Watch movements. COSC certified Replica Watches Sale are the Harvard graduates of the Replica Watch world while everyone else comes out of University Of Phoenix online classes.

For decades COSC has been a value add for Replica Watchmakers. COSC certification reliably added a few thousand to the price of a Replica Watch, whether it mattered or not, and, if you’re cynical, you could say the entire thing was a scam in an era of smartphones and atomic clocks. But let’s not be cynical.

So now Omega, a solid Replica Watch company without a plethora COSC certified models, has added its own certification process via another organization, the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS). This means Omega can certify their Replica Watches to within COSC specifications. Quoth the head of SReplica Watch Group and owner of Omega Replica Watches, Nick Hayek, “Trust is the core of our business at METAS. We are a government agency, the leading centre for all measurements in Switzerland. And above all, we are consumer and client driven. That’s why it was important to ensure that this new standard for mechanical Replica Watches is open to every brand.”

Essentially Omega and the Replica Watches group are looking at an entrenched player and pulling the rug out from under them. It’s kind of dirty pool simply because COSC certification has long been a brand agnostic process and a quite lucrative one for manufacturers and certifiers. But now Omega is taking its ball and going home. In fact, they’re saying METAS is better than COSC.

While industry-standard COSC certification remains an integral part of OMEGA’s process, the new METAS testing will effectively double the certification of each Replica Watch, giving OMEGA and other Swiss Replica Watchmakers the opportunity to demonstrate the quality and timekeeping performance of their Replica Watches to a greater extent than has previously been possible. With 8 tests carried out over 10 days, each Replica Watch must pass a range of criteria that replicate real-life wearing conditions, including exposure to magnetic fields of 15,000 gauss.
It’s a fascinating play by an old company to zip up a unique product for itself. While METAS will surely reach out to other manufacturers, going with the certification puts Omega Replica in a unique position. They can easily and cheaply tack the price of certification onto the price of all of their Replica Watches while METAS can enter into the “big leagues” of COSC. It’s all inside baseball but it also means that their new Globemaster is Master Chronometer certified which adds a nice amount to the price and makes the Replica Watch just a bit more desirable to collectors and fans.

TAG Heuer, Google and Intel have the SmartWatch perfect November 9


TAG Heuer, Google and Intel are working together from the beginning of year on a Swiss replica watch intelligent, to be presented officially on November 9. The big question is if this trio will be able to collaborate and ultimately produce a clock smart enough to beat off competition from Apple Watch.

The news was made official in a press conference organized on the occasion of Baselworld 2015, the World Watch and Jewellery Show. The following quote is from Jean-Claude Biver, chairman of the division clock LVMH Group and CEO of Replica TAG Heuer: “The Swiss rologiera and Silicon Valley are a combination of technological innovation.”

It will be interesting to see what a collaboration between TAG Heuer, Google and Intel will bring to market. To date, the smart watches as product category have not been very successful, in particular because it is not clear why they are necessary when you need to be connected to a smartphone for work, but also because manufacturers smartwatch no sense fashion.

Meanwhile, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury replica watches Tag Heuer has released the first teaser image of its upcoming Android Wear smartwatch. The wearable device high end will make its official debut next month, November 9. As we can see below, the image makes sense that it will smartwatch sporty design with Tag Heuer Carrera. The device should be called commercially Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01.

Apple is trying to bring a bit ‘of the fashion market with its first smartwatch Apple Replica Watch (from April 24 on sale), but Apple is just beginning and must work hard to convince users to buy its product, whose starting price is $ 349 for the base model up to $ 10,000 for the top model.

In its announcement at Baselworld 2015, Jean-Claude Biver said that the announcement of the smartwatch in question was his “greatest ad ever made” in his 40 years of work in the field. He predicted that the device will be “the largest smartwatch”. David Singleton, the head of development for Google Android Wear, added: “When I think of the clock, has always been a combination of beauty and utility. We’re going to do this with our partnership.”.

In accordance with agreements made by the trio of companies, TAG Heuer has managed the design and manufacture of the watch, while Intel will provide the chipset with integrated processor and Google will lend its platform Android Wear and help develop proprietary software.


The clock is set to be presented on November 9 to be available later this year, with prices and further details will be provided next month.

The global market smartwatches could rise to 28.1 million units this year, from 4.6 million in 2014, with Apple’s Code provides that you can win 55 percent of the market, despite its late entry, according to researcher Market Strategy Analytics.

The number of rolex replica watches brands that have added electronic features to their products has increased since Apple announced that it would invest in a product that the customers might wear on your wrist. Swatch, Breitling Replica, Montblanc, and Frederique Constant are among the brands that have entered the fray manufacturers smartwatch, with products ranging from a simple device that receives notifications from your smartphone to a gold-plated watch that serves as a fitness tracker. The SmartWatch TAG Heuer will not be produced in Switzerland, as the company will rely on its partners in Silicon Valley.

This is not the first foray of TAG Heuer in the market of electronic devices. In 2008, the brand introduced a mobile phone called Meridiist, while in 2013 the team Oracle Team USA in the America’s Cup (sponsored by TAG Heuer) wore electronic watches with specific functions for the game co-developed by TAG Heuer and its partners .

“The difference between the TAG Heuer replica watch and the watch Apple is very important,” said Biver. “One is called Apple and the other is called TAG Heuer.”

Newsletter Win a horological swiss replica watch

— It’s only just available in the shops but you already have the chance to win a Frédérique Constant Horological swiss replica watch in our October competition. Plus a look back on the launches from Replica Watches & Wonders, new collections, new buildings and the implications of zero-gravity testing.


Frédérique Constant were the first to announce and launch a swiss replica watch, which recently received a huge thumbs-up in a first test by our contributor Olivier Müller. Now you have the chance to win one in our latest monthly competition. As usual you just need to answer three questions on the brand.

Watch brands have very recently started to reap the rewards of plans made during the good years, inaugurating new factories with improved capacity. In the case of Rolex Replica Watches it was more a question of necessity, as the previous premises were increasingly unfit for their purpose, whereas for Hublot it is more about doubling its production capacity for in-house movements. It is also an opportunity for brands to embrace more innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for power generation (geothermal energy for Replica Rolex and solar panels for Hublot). I will offer a more detailed overview of the new buildings later this week. In the meantime, Olivier Müller takes a broader look at corporate social responsibility in the watch industry today.

Although two watch brands almost simultaneously announcing zero-gravity tests on their replica watches and movements is probably more coincidence than trend, the tests and their subjects reveal some interesting insights. There is some advanced research and exciting prospects behind them, in addition to giving young entrepreneurial CEOs the opportunity to float around briefly in weightlessness. I explain the tests and their implications in more detail tomorrow.

Watches & Wonders has brought us another fine autumnal harvest of fake watches, with a continuation of the recent trend to launch not just new watches, but entire collections. Within weeks we have seen the arrival of Louis Vuitton’s brand-new LV Fifty Five collection, and Bovet’s 19Thirty collection with no less than 18 different references. These two new collections are both positioned at the base of the pyramid. It’s a term that may come across as pejorative in the luxury replica watches industry, but it’s where the brunt of sales are made and it’s where mere mortals often find their entrance into the world of fine watchmaking. So all in all it’s good news for brands and customers alike.

Last but not least, we will review all the major launches from Watches & Wonders in more detail over the next couple of weeks and continue our GPHG round tables, sharing our thoughts this week on the Calendar and Chronograph categories.

TAG Heuer New replica brand ambassador

— TAG Heuer announces Giancarlo Stanton, star baseball player for the Miami Marlins, as new brand ambassador.


Last September 21st in Miami, TAG Heuer Replica Watches announced that Giancarlo Stanton, right fielder for the Miami Marlins, all-star player and MVP candidate, will represent the brand as an official ambassador. TAG Heuer and Stanton celebrated the announcement in the brand’s Miami Design District boutique, fusing the worlds of sports and culture with TAG Heuer’s venerable heritage as a Swiss luxury replica watch brand.

Stanton presented the new Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M Ceramic Bezel, a replica watch created for those who depend on the brand’s exemplary performance qualities and designed to remain steadfast in extreme conditions.

Stanton was joined by fellow Fake TAG Heuer UK ambassadors, Nervo, the multi-talented DJ/Producer dynamo who are the all-time top-ranking female DJs in the world. Guests had the unique pleasure of listening to an original set as Nervo taught Stanton the fundamentals of their craft. Though Stanton excels in the baseball diamond and Nervo shines behind the decks, both ambassadors strive to defy convention within their respective professions, and share an incredible capacity for withstanding high pressure environments when performing.


Swiss Replica Watches Exports Fall as Apple Watch Dents Low-End Demand

Swiss replica watches exports fell in August, heading for the first annual decline in six years amid signs that competition from Apple Inc.’s smartwatch may be denting demand for low-end timepieces.

Shipments declined 1.6 percent to 1.47 billion francs ($1.5 billion), the Federation of the Swiss Replica Watch Industry said on its website Tuesday. Exports of watches with wholesale prices less than 200 francs fell 13 percent, while the 200-franc to 500-franc segment plunged 24 percent.

“I presume that the Apple Replica Watch would put pressure on the low- and mid-tier segment of the Swiss replica watch market,” said Jon Cox, an analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux in Zurich. “Stock market volatility isn’t helping in China.”

Watch shipments, which make up about a tenth of Switzerland’s total exports, have declined 1.2 percent in the first eight months of 2015. Apple’s entry into timepieces has spurred less-expensive brands to develop their own smartwatches as they face the biggest threat. Movado Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Efraim Grinberg said last month that the maker of $495 timepieces will start selling a smartwatch in the fourth quarter, joining other brands such as Frederique Constant and Mondaine.

Wealth Destruction

The introduction of the Apple Replica Watch, combined with a surge in the Swiss franc and a Chinese government campaign against extravagant spending, have clouded the outlook for Swiss timepieces. Wealth destruction caused by the Shanghai Composite Index’s 38 percent decline since mid-June may also be damping demand from rich Chinese.

Shipments to Hong Kong, the largest market, declined 18 percent, while China registered a 39 percent decline. The rest of the top markets increased more than 10 percent, except for Singapore, which was down 11 percent.

Swatch Group AG shares dropped 2.7 percent to 370.70 francs as of 10:28 a.m. in Zurich. Cartier maker Cie. Financiere Richemont SA fell 2.1 percent to 74.10 francs.

“The development in the low and mid-end is an issue for Swatch Group, whereas Richemont has with its high-end brands less of a negative impact from the August figures,” said Rene Weber, an analyst at Bank Vontobel AG.

High-end replica watches, wholesaling for more than 300 francs, gained 1.7 percent in value last month. The country’s largest watchmakers are closely held Rolex, Swatch Group and Richemont.

August had one more business day in 2015 than in 2014, and adjusting for that, replica watch exports dropped 5.6 percent in the month, according to Swiss customs authorities.

German Replica Watch Pricing: Thinner Margins Than the Swiss Means Higher Value


German replica watches enjoy a lot of appeal to many watch enthusiasts due to their quality and relatively high value for the price. No one can sum up the entirety of German replica watches in one bold statement, but overall, German watches are more dedicated toward usability and performance than the prestige that most Swiss replica watches go for.


My favorite examples of German Replica Watch makers of Glashutte, Sinn, Limes, and Temption. Each of these makers produces beautiful timepieces which are as much tools as they are works of art. Glashutte is the most prestigious of the above four being the only house-manufacture. This means they produce and develop their own movements as opposed to buying movements kits. However, house-manufactures are uncommon, and the watches they produce demand very high prices. Movements purchased from such as ETA are often higher quality that a house-movement.




Sinn, Limes, and Temption each utilize movement kits, but make their own very high-quality cases. Often times these watch makers will copy each other in terms of design, but the results are always pleasing. Temption is the most unique of these brands in terms of style, while Sinn produces arguably the most rugged and utilitarian replica watches. Limes on the other hand makes classic-looking watches at very affordable prices.

German replica watches are mostly “mid-priced” putting them in the $100-$300 range. However, many can be found at the sub $100 level if you shop smart on places such as German replica watches have a smaller distribution network in the UK for a couple of reasons. First, is that most German replica watch makers deals straight with the consumer or straight with the dealer location. They will not use too many middlemen to get the watches to market. Second, which is combined with the first reason, there are smaller margins to be made because the prices are lower. It seems as though the German replica watch makers actively seek to place their watches on as many wrists as possible by keeping prices down. Although $200 for a watch may seem steep, remember that a typical German watch is made using the highest quality metals and materials, and is hand assembled by highly skilled workers. The only thing that higher priced Swiss replica watches can boast is that the actual pieces used to make the watches are sometimes hand made. This does not always yield the best results in terms of quality.

What this all means for you is that you can a beautiful and functional German watch at a much lower price than a comparable Swiss replica watch. Although finding the watches are going to be a bit more difficult. A great place to look for German watches, as is often the case is Wonderful-Watch store.

Affiliate Marketing and Design Replica Watches Shopping


Affiliate marketing, in a nut shell, is when an site that sells a product pays a site that draws a customer to the product seller’s site. The two entities here are the advertiser (has product to sell), and the publisher (drives traffic). An enormous trend these days, is recommendation-based affiliate marketing. Essentially, when a publisher promotes a product or service by writing an article about it and referring it. This natural-looking marketing seems to work wonders with consumers looking for product reviews.

Replica Watches are a bit different than most products, because writing a review on them is very difficult. First, most people don’t really care about the quality or craftsmanship of a replica watch, it is the price, then the look that matters. Second, after talking about the actual features and construction of the watch, the matter of taste is highly personal. There have been swiss replica watches people love, and I just cannot seem to appreciate (Rolex Datejust for example, it is the fluting on the bezel I hate).

However, I think there is a huge potential market for watch affiliate marketing. It takes a keen reviewer to really focus on the little details and aspects of the design that take a nice replica watch to classic watch. Furthermore, many of the less expensive watch makers seem to make awkward hybrid copies of more expensive designs. Even though it is basically impossible to copyright the look of a replica watch, instead of virtual copies, “designer” watch makers take bits and pieces from popular designs, often resulting in ugly Franken watches. Why do they do this? Probably the same reason they make formula movies.

What a keen affiliate marketer could do, is sift through the vast array of well-done, and handsome watches offered by the volume makers (Fossil, Invicta, etc…) to point out the ones which are well done. This can be instrumental in selling more product, and getting the word out about wearable, yet very budget conscious watches. I would like to see an upsurge in watch-based affiliate marketing soon.

The Replica Louis Vuitton Tambour Diver Watch


It is easy to find the style of the 2015s unappealing. Despite the fact that it is “coming back,” (from what I hear) it was an era of too many browns, too much synthetics, and too much hair. One thing however that the 2015s encouraged was large size. Big hair, big cars, big pants, and big replica watches. Especially the diving watches. While many of these things are coming back, so are big replica watches. 40mm cases are now considered small or average, and most swiss replica watches, which matter, are approaching 44mm or even 50mm (and larger). The Louis Vuitton Tambour Diver takes large size, with its 70’s browns, and is able to present a very pleasing ,aesthetic highly reminiscent watch with a 70s modern design.

The first thing I noticed when I saw the case of the watch was its tapered look. The bottom of the case (close to your wrist) is wider than the top. It almost looks like a volcano sitting on your hand. The circular curve of the bezel and the rounded edges of the case are complimented by very angular features in the face of the watch. Square time markers, hands, and numbering add to the mod look and feel, and contrast well with the bulbous crowns which are asymmetrically placed. I like this look because it is very clinical in design. A symmetrical look often feels too designed and detracts from a watch’s appeal as an instrument. The whole idea behind a watch, is that it is a tool to do something. The Tambour Diver is a diving timepiece. It is meant to tell the time with the additional functionality of the rotating bezel to (classically at least) measure dive time and surfacing periods. What a nicely designed replica watch is supposed to do, as displayed here, is perform its primary function flawlessly, while harkening to a theme. In this instance the them is a diving watch based around a 70s design motif.

Another function of the large design and bulbous looks is to remind the wearer of it’s nautical theme. Ocean diving vessels are often rounded and large in order to combat water pressure at depths. They also operate to allow for function wearing diving gloves. Thus the large crowns and indicators on the watch are functional along with being attractive and reminiscent of the deep.

To accomplish this feat of style, the Tambour Diver excels because it is focused. You will see me complain a lot about watches trying to be too many things. This watch only attempts to be a pinnacle of the style and device it is purporting to be. You will not see the Louis Vuitton monogram on this replica watch, nor any amount of superfluous additions. This is what really takes this from being just another Louis Vuitton, or for that matter “luxury good.” I applaud this achievement and hope to own an example of one someday. The price is about $160 for the diving model with rubber strap.

Getting the Best Replica Watch Deals

I remember back in college when I first started appreciating replica watches. I began to learn that there were so many watch companies and manufacturers. With prices ranging from $10 to well over $500. The watch magazines (like WatchTime or InSync) categorized a “mid to low range” watch at between $10-$500. This is rather steep. And the tendency when liking replica watches is to want more and more of them as each embodies its own style and purpose. No watch enthusiast you meet will be happy with the size of their collection. There are always other they want. Which is not an indication of their lack of interest in their existing collection, but rather a mere function of the fact that like art, each arouses certain emotion in the wear, or at least, has a different function (dressy, sport, diving, bling).

So where do you get replica watches if price is a concern (as it usually is)? eBay of course! My perennial favorite at least. However, it is not as simple as just searching on eBay. The problem become that many of the more exclusive or less mainstream watches are not going to be on eBay with any regularity. One example is the Temption watch that I bought. This tiny German watch maker has but one American distributor which is I saved “temption watch” as a search favorite on ebay for close to a year before a piece even showed up. The watch that turned up was thankfully the Temption CGK203 which I eventually “won” in the auction. Yes, this was a very limited watch at only 11oo ever being made, who knows how many of them ended up stateside, but it goes to show that eBay is not swimming with good replica watches all the time.

However, the price I received on eBay was fantastic compared to the fact that the watch was not being made any longer and was about 1/4 of the original retail price. Because of this, I have to recommend eBay as the place to go for watch deals, but you have to spend some time looking. So what happens when you find a watch on eBay that you want? Here is a list of something to do to make sure you are getting the right deal and item:

1. Communicate with the seller. Make sure they are talking to you, and that you can ask questions.

2. Be very specific with your questions about the watch. Ask for more pictures if there are not enough, and ask if there is anything that you as a potential buyer would like to know. This way, if there is something wrong with the watch later, they cannot claim you did not ask. A typical buyer will want to know whether there is damage or issues with the watch.

3. Ask if the seller is the original owner and if the papers are included. This isn’t about the watch being stolen, but rather part of making sure the watch has been cared for and is real. Buying a fake on eBay is a real concern.

4. If the seller claims he or she does not know whether the watch is a fake, assume it is a fake. This is a classic tactic by watch sellers when trying to get rid of a fake watch. Do not go for the whole “I don’t know about these things, the watch looks great to me, you will love it.”

5. Just because they don’t take Paypal, does not mean it is a sham. Sure Paypal gives you comforting insurance, but not all sellers want to go with it because it takes a cut of their money. If everything else seems kosher, but they don’t take Paypal, it should not break the deal.

6. When dealing with seller from foreign countries, be careful, but not rude. Not all foreign sellers are scammers or trying to rip you off. You have to remember that the US only consumes 15% of the luxury watch market. The rest is primarily centered in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Sellers from these places are probably ok if they are communicative.

7. Feedback is important, but be smart about it. I have dealt with people with little to no feedback who have been great, and people with lots of feedback whose positive responses have been mostly fake. Remember communication is most important.

8. Know your stuff! Before making any bids on eBay, Google the watch. See how rare it is, what it goes for, and where else you can get it. Often eBay is the best deal, but you need to make sure you know what you are getting.

There are just some of the most important tips. I will be happy to answer any specific questions if you contact me.

Lastly, a lot of people love dealing with other watch enthusiasts to purchase fake watches. In my experience, this is not always the best idea. Sites like and others offer user forums where people are placing ads to sell or wanted ad to purchase watches. These locations can offer really good selections, and sometimes the only place to find the right pieces. Unless you are making a trade, you are not going to get the best prices on these forums. You are dealing with watch fanatics that know exactly what they paid for it. They are selling their watches to fund future purchases, and will want as much money as possible. I have seen really nice watches being listed for months, if not years because the seller stubbornly does not understand the concept of supply and demand.

If you see a watch that you want listed in one of these places, I recommend you make it clear to the seller that you are interested in the watch at the right price. If he or she does not give it to you, then “walk away.” Usually this is a good tactic and they will make another offer to you later. The only exception is for watches that are in very high demand, in which case I recommend having the seller make you a “firm offer” that they say will not expire, or that they will not rescind. This however, is a topic for another posting. The point is that these people are often trying to get as much for their watch as possible, and that is not the best environment to get a deal.

Alternatively, eBay provides a better environment to scope out and find desirable time pieces.

Apple Replica Watch design story makes Swiss and Japanese traditionalists nervous

With the long-anticipated Apple Replica Watch now available to view and pre-order, and purchasing expected to commence this Friday, no one will be watching the take-up more closely than traditional replica watches brands. This was flagged at the recent Baselworld watch fair, where despite not being on show, the most talked-about timepiece was Apple’s newcomer, with opinions divided on the impact it will have on an industry dominated by the Swiss, and to a lesser extent the Japanese.

The head of LVMH watch brands Replica Hublot, Tag Heuer and Zenith, Jean-Claude Biver, told attendees Apple was unlike previous competitors in that “they make as much in a month as the whole Swiss industry makes in a year.” Apple, the world’s richest company, is a threat for another reason – it’s a “cool” brand, the likes of which the Swiss have not come up against before.

No one will be watching the take-up of the Apple Replica Watch more closely than traditional watch brands.

The Swiss are particularly vulnerable in the youth market where ‘brand’ cachet and wearable cred doesn’t extend to names like Jaeger LeCoultre, Breguet or Patek Philippe Replica – things your father might sport. But did Apple actually set out to achieve world dominance in swiss replica watches?

Apple designers at its Infinite Loop headquarters in Cuppertino are keen to stress they were in fact regular “watch guys”, who loved their Replica Rolexes and Tag Heuers. On the other hand it was obvious to the team when the device was first proposed by design head Sir Jonathon Ive back in 2011 that the next Apple device had to be wearable and the only natural place for it to sit was on the wrist.

This presented some unique challenges: they were working in the digital space, apps would be critical to the usefulness of whatever it was going to be, but the sheer physical restraints of the forearm meant simply adapting an iPhone-like interface was not possible.

Different design needs

The team quickly realised the face was “too small to pinch and zoom”, that your fingers obscured the display, and even that standard typefaces didn’t reproduce with adequate crispness. Thus Apple set to work experimenting with a replica watch-like crown, which ultimately became the Digital Crown, while typographers were brought in to craft a dedicated typeface that scaled up or down without loss of clarity.

While all this resulted in something that worked on a technical level – the crown alone involved decisions about resistance, how far it should protrude, the right number of grooves – the designers had to consider not only questions of fashion and style, hardly new fields for Apple, but also how the new device might feel against the skin – something they’d not previously had to prioritise. It was also decided the replica watches uk had to be independent of its partner in crime, the iPhone, at least for functions such as time, music and basic fitness functions such as measuring pace and distance.

Finally there was the question of how the fake watch might be attached to the wrist – and here’s there’s an intriguing Australian connection, namely Sydney-born internationally renowned uber-designer Marc Newson. Newson has more than dabbled in replica watches before; he set up his own up-market timepiece line, Ikepod, in the late 1990s, parting ways with the brand only in 2012.

Commentators have noted that bands of the Apple replica watch bear a striking resemblance to those the Ikepod uniquely sported, while the rectangular case-shape too is not unlike more recent Ikepod efforts. The puzzle – if you can call it that – is that Newson joined the Apple design team only moments before the fake watch was officially announced.

One explanation given is that Newson and Ive have long been friends, and had probably been scribbling away together at the dining room table for yonks – with Newson’s later official appointment merely confirming his earlier involvement.

New leadership

Another outsider brought in was Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, who was recruited as senior vice president for retail and online stores. At the official launch of the replica watch in San Francisco in late March, Apple CEO Tim Cook said such appointments demonstrated the company’s understanding of the need for not just a different device, but a different retail experience, citing the desirability of “choice and soft expression”.

Whether a combination of clever product and soft-sell is enough to make the Apple a replica watch industry game-changer we’re about to find out. In their favour, the Swiss, and at the high end Japan’s Grand Seiko, produce hand-crafted timepieces of such quality and complexity that they should continue to win hands down when it comes to character and cachet. They are also largely obsolescence-proof.

As such, Biver feels that the real threat is to lower-end timepieces, not mechanical masterpieces. But a question remains: what if young people in particular become accustomed to having something more multifunctional on the wrist than a simple time-teller? Will they turn to the revered traditional brands, many of whom – Breitling, Bulgari, Tag Heuer, Frederique Constant – are now also working feverishly on offering various levels of connectivity, or will generation Y embrace a cheeky newcomer?

Given recent history – and the transformative effects we’ve witnessed thanks to the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, it’s a brave watcher who’d bet against the latter. Bani McSpedden is watch editor of The Australian Financial Review and; he travelled to Cupertino as a guest of Apple.