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TAG Heuer, Google and Intel have the SmartWatch perfect November 9


TAG Heuer, Google and Intel are working together from the beginning of year on a Swiss replica watch intelligent, to be presented officially on November 9. The big question is if this trio will be able to collaborate and ultimately produce a clock smart enough to beat off competition from Apple Watch.

The news was made official in a press conference organized on the occasion of Baselworld 2015, the World Watch and Jewellery Show. The following quote is from Jean-Claude Biver, chairman of the division clock LVMH Group and CEO of Replica TAG Heuer: “The Swiss rologiera and Silicon Valley are a combination of technological innovation.”

It will be interesting to see what a collaboration between TAG Heuer, Google and Intel will bring to market. To date, the smart watches as product category have not been very successful, in particular because it is not clear why they are necessary when you need to be connected to a smartphone for work, but also because manufacturers smartwatch no sense fashion.

Meanwhile, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury replica watches Tag Heuer has released the first teaser image of its upcoming Android Wear smartwatch. The wearable device high end will make its official debut next month, November 9. As we can see below, the image makes sense that it will smartwatch sporty design with Tag Heuer Carrera. The device should be called commercially Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01.

Apple is trying to bring a bit ‘of the fashion market with its first smartwatch Apple Replica Watch (from April 24 on sale), but Apple is just beginning and must work hard to convince users to buy its product, whose starting price is $ 349 for the base model up to $ 10,000 for the top model.

In its announcement at Baselworld 2015, Jean-Claude Biver said that the announcement of the smartwatch in question was his “greatest ad ever made” in his 40 years of work in the field. He predicted that the device will be “the largest smartwatch”. David Singleton, the head of development for Google Android Wear, added: “When I think of the clock, has always been a combination of beauty and utility. We’re going to do this with our partnership.”.

In accordance with agreements made by the trio of companies, TAG Heuer has managed the design and manufacture of the watch, while Intel will provide the chipset with integrated processor and Google will lend its platform Android Wear and help develop proprietary software.


The clock is set to be presented on November 9 to be available later this year, with prices and further details will be provided next month.

The global market smartwatches could rise to 28.1 million units this year, from 4.6 million in 2014, with Apple’s Code provides that you can win 55 percent of the market, despite its late entry, according to researcher Market Strategy Analytics.

The number of rolex replica watches brands that have added electronic features to their products has increased since Apple announced that it would invest in a product that the customers might wear on your wrist. Swatch, Breitling Replica, Montblanc, and Frederique Constant are among the brands that have entered the fray manufacturers smartwatch, with products ranging from a simple device that receives notifications from your smartphone to a gold-plated watch that serves as a fitness tracker. The SmartWatch TAG Heuer will not be produced in Switzerland, as the company will rely on its partners in Silicon Valley.

This is not the first foray of TAG Heuer in the market of electronic devices. In 2008, the brand introduced a mobile phone called Meridiist, while in 2013 the team Oracle Team USA in the America’s Cup (sponsored by TAG Heuer) wore electronic watches with specific functions for the game co-developed by TAG Heuer and its partners .

“The difference between the TAG Heuer replica watch and the watch Apple is very important,” said Biver. “One is called Apple and the other is called TAG Heuer.”

TAG Heuer New replica brand ambassador

— TAG Heuer announces Giancarlo Stanton, star baseball player for the Miami Marlins, as new brand ambassador.


Last September 21st in Miami, TAG Heuer Replica Watches announced that Giancarlo Stanton, right fielder for the Miami Marlins, all-star player and MVP candidate, will represent the brand as an official ambassador. TAG Heuer and Stanton celebrated the announcement in the brand’s Miami Design District boutique, fusing the worlds of sports and culture with TAG Heuer’s venerable heritage as a Swiss luxury replica watch brand.

Stanton presented the new Replica TAG Heuer Aquaracer 300M Ceramic Bezel, a replica watch created for those who depend on the brand’s exemplary performance qualities and designed to remain steadfast in extreme conditions.

Stanton was joined by fellow Fake TAG Heuer UK ambassadors, Nervo, the multi-talented DJ/Producer dynamo who are the all-time top-ranking female DJs in the world. Guests had the unique pleasure of listening to an original set as Nervo taught Stanton the fundamentals of their craft. Though Stanton excels in the baseball diamond and Nervo shines behind the decks, both ambassadors strive to defy convention within their respective professions, and share an incredible capacity for withstanding high pressure environments when performing.


Apple Replica Watch design story makes Swiss and Japanese traditionalists nervous

With the long-anticipated Apple Replica Watch now available to view and pre-order, and purchasing expected to commence this Friday, no one will be watching the take-up more closely than traditional replica watches brands. This was flagged at the recent Baselworld watch fair, where despite not being on show, the most talked-about timepiece was Apple’s newcomer, with opinions divided on the impact it will have on an industry dominated by the Swiss, and to a lesser extent the Japanese.

The head of LVMH watch brands Replica Hublot, Tag Heuer and Zenith, Jean-Claude Biver, told attendees Apple was unlike previous competitors in that “they make as much in a month as the whole Swiss industry makes in a year.” Apple, the world’s richest company, is a threat for another reason – it’s a “cool” brand, the likes of which the Swiss have not come up against before.

No one will be watching the take-up of the Apple Replica Watch more closely than traditional watch brands.

The Swiss are particularly vulnerable in the youth market where ‘brand’ cachet and wearable cred doesn’t extend to names like Jaeger LeCoultre, Breguet or Patek Philippe Replica – things your father might sport. But did Apple actually set out to achieve world dominance in swiss replica watches?

Apple designers at its Infinite Loop headquarters in Cuppertino are keen to stress they were in fact regular “watch guys”, who loved their Replica Rolexes and Tag Heuers. On the other hand it was obvious to the team when the device was first proposed by design head Sir Jonathon Ive back in 2011 that the next Apple device had to be wearable and the only natural place for it to sit was on the wrist.

This presented some unique challenges: they were working in the digital space, apps would be critical to the usefulness of whatever it was going to be, but the sheer physical restraints of the forearm meant simply adapting an iPhone-like interface was not possible.

Different design needs

The team quickly realised the face was “too small to pinch and zoom”, that your fingers obscured the display, and even that standard typefaces didn’t reproduce with adequate crispness. Thus Apple set to work experimenting with a replica watch-like crown, which ultimately became the Digital Crown, while typographers were brought in to craft a dedicated typeface that scaled up or down without loss of clarity.

While all this resulted in something that worked on a technical level – the crown alone involved decisions about resistance, how far it should protrude, the right number of grooves – the designers had to consider not only questions of fashion and style, hardly new fields for Apple, but also how the new device might feel against the skin – something they’d not previously had to prioritise. It was also decided the replica watches uk had to be independent of its partner in crime, the iPhone, at least for functions such as time, music and basic fitness functions such as measuring pace and distance.

Finally there was the question of how the fake watch might be attached to the wrist – and here’s there’s an intriguing Australian connection, namely Sydney-born internationally renowned uber-designer Marc Newson. Newson has more than dabbled in replica watches before; he set up his own up-market timepiece line, Ikepod, in the late 1990s, parting ways with the brand only in 2012.

Commentators have noted that bands of the Apple replica watch bear a striking resemblance to those the Ikepod uniquely sported, while the rectangular case-shape too is not unlike more recent Ikepod efforts. The puzzle – if you can call it that – is that Newson joined the Apple design team only moments before the fake watch was officially announced.

One explanation given is that Newson and Ive have long been friends, and had probably been scribbling away together at the dining room table for yonks – with Newson’s later official appointment merely confirming his earlier involvement.

New leadership

Another outsider brought in was Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, who was recruited as senior vice president for retail and online stores. At the official launch of the replica watch in San Francisco in late March, Apple CEO Tim Cook said such appointments demonstrated the company’s understanding of the need for not just a different device, but a different retail experience, citing the desirability of “choice and soft expression”.

Whether a combination of clever product and soft-sell is enough to make the Apple a replica watch industry game-changer we’re about to find out. In their favour, the Swiss, and at the high end Japan’s Grand Seiko, produce hand-crafted timepieces of such quality and complexity that they should continue to win hands down when it comes to character and cachet. They are also largely obsolescence-proof.

As such, Biver feels that the real threat is to lower-end timepieces, not mechanical masterpieces. But a question remains: what if young people in particular become accustomed to having something more multifunctional on the wrist than a simple time-teller? Will they turn to the revered traditional brands, many of whom – Breitling, Bulgari, Tag Heuer, Frederique Constant – are now also working feverishly on offering various levels of connectivity, or will generation Y embrace a cheeky newcomer?

Given recent history – and the transformative effects we’ve witnessed thanks to the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, it’s a brave watcher who’d bet against the latter. Bani McSpedden is watch editor of The Australian Financial Review and; he travelled to Cupertino as a guest of Apple.

No better time to buy a Swiss replica watch

A Tag Heuer Replica Cristiano Ronaldo limited edition.

If you have been eyeing a luxury timepiece, get it now. Threatened by the Apple Replica Watch, prices have dropped to their lowest in a decade says Sidin Vadukut. A perfect storm has hit the Swiss replica watch industry, and things cannot possibly get better for customers. Two trends are at play here. The first appears to be a rebalancing of the Chinese market. The second is the Apple Replica Watch. Throw in a third element—fear—and you are looking at the closest the world watch business has come to a buyer’s market in perhaps the last 10 years (of course, it will never become a buyer’s market in the theoretical sense. Luxury goods are never value for money in any realistic sense of the word).

“Prices had reached such high levels,” Aldo Magada told me last month. I met Magada in Basel, Switzerland, during the 2015 edition of the Baselworld watch and jewellery fair. Magada has not been chief executive of the LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton group’s Zenith replica watch brand for long. So he speaks with uncharacteristic candour. “Over the last five-six years…swiss replica watches prices had gone up…40%. Something like that.” And now these prices are correcting; in some cases, drastically. While China remains the most important international market for watches, consumption patterns in that part of the world also seem to be changing. Demand has moved a step below on the luxury pyramid of brands. Over the last few years, we had seen how Chinese customers were demanding more elegant, minimal timepieces. And we saw brands falling over each other to satisfy this demand. Now, there is pressure on prices as well. Perhaps the Chinese economy is slowing slightly, and consumers are adjusting spending budgets.

There is also much talk of anti-corruption crackdowns in China. So much so that lesser-known brand names are trying to cash in. A sales manager for a second-tier Swiss brand told me he was hoping to sell pieces to Chinese buyers too afraid to publicly flaunt Replica Rolexes and Cartiers in this political climate. Then there is the pressure from Cupertino. Guy Semon, general director at Tag Heuer, told me that nobody in the Swiss fake watches industry wants to take the smartwatch for granted. Wait. No. Let me correct that. Nobody wants to take the Apple Replica Watch for granted. There was no talk of any other wearable at Basel. “I remember what happened to the industry when the quartz crisis happened,” Semon told me. “Entire watchmaking villages and communities were wiped out.”

It seems unlikely that Apple will have the same catastrophic impact that Japanese quartz replica watches had on the Swiss business. But nobody wants to take a chance. In particular, there is huge pressure on brands that compete with entry-level Apple Replica Watch models. Why would anybody spend $500 (around Rs.31,000) on a mechanical fake watch when they can get a smartwatch for the same price? This is a question I heard over and over again at Basel. In the next 12 months, we should have an answer.

What does this mean for the consumer? Outstanding value and great bargains. Baselworld 2015 presented a lavish collection of really good uk fake watches at excellent prices. From Tag Heuer Replica to Corum to Calvin Klein, there are excellent replica watches available at great prices. And this will have a domino effect across the sector. I am loath to ask readers to buy, buy, buy. But think about it. Either the Apple Replica Watch will flop and Swiss brands will slowly inflate prices again. Or it will be a smash hit and half these brands will go out of business. Either way, the window of opportunity seems narrow.

Why not peek through?

The limited edition Hublot Replica Classic Fusion Aero Chrono Selfridges

A salutary sight at last month’s Baselworld was the figure of Jean-Claude Biver, president of the LVMH replica watch division, constantly shuttling between the three big stands (owned by Replica TAG Heuer, Zenith and Hublot Replica UK respectively) that mark the entrance to the annual replica watch and jewellery fair.

And while the crowds gathered to hear the legendary watch man announce a collaboration between TAG Heuer, Google and Intel to create the first serious response from the Swiss replica watch industry to the Apple Replica Watch, across the sound-deadening carpet at Fake Hublot, no less attention was being paid to the tenth anniverary of another, similarly disruptive “Biver moment”: the arrival of the Big Bang.

Biver’s Big Bang put Hublot on the map by summoning all the energy of a brand that had orignally launched into the sports luxury replica watches market with the back-then unusual choice of rubber straps and a tell-tale, porthole-design case. The Big Bang amplified these design codes considerably, but Biver was shrewd to maintain its antecedents in the Classic Fusion – as the name suggests a teaming of heritage and design that boasts an unusual degree of technical complexity – which helpfully allows Hublot to embark on series of similar-yet-different limited runs.


The latest of these is the Classic Fusion Aero Chrono “Selfridges”, created in collaboration with The Watch Gallery – the second iteration of a relationship that began in 2014. This year’s model, which features a 45mm titanium case housing Hublot’s own HUB1155 movement, features “Replica Watches Gallery blue” counter rings and rhodium-plated hands also finished in the retailer’s characteristic hue. It’s also limited to only 25 pieces worldwide. The semi-matte alligator leather strap is sewn onto black rubber, secured with matching blue stitching, and is secured with a satin-finished steel deployment buckle.

The ultimate value for money fine replica watches


Replica Watches are never exactly inexpensive, so the topic dominating debate within the trade at the start of this year made for uncomfortable conversation, viz the strength of the Swiss franc. The economic crisis has seen the rich get richer, but no one wants to overpay for anything, and this may be why the current climate, combined with the prevailing taste for simpler replica watches, has succeeded in producing some rather good value-for money timepieces.

The key to great entry-level fake watches is the absence of pretension and that is made easier by the trend towards manageably proportioned replica watches and ones that do not suggest that they are capable of all sorts of functions. Thus I was delighted to come across the 36mm Rolex Replica Oyster Perpetual with the grape-coloured dial that launched last year. Coloured-dial Rolexes are all the go at the moment – and the auction market for Stella-dialled Day- Dates is liable to get a fillip with Aurel Bacs’ themed sale at Phillips’ Geneva auction house in May – but here Fake Rolex was putting effort into making its gateway to the Oyster world more welcoming than it has been for a very long time.

The recent entry-level success story has been Tudor. Part of me rather regrets that this sibling of Replica Rolex, relaunched in the UK at the end of last year, is no longer a below-the-radar brand. Through careful design and rationalised manufacturing, Tudor has been able to deliver a product that is stylish, chic and does not patronise the customer. Its Heritage Chrono and Black Bay have shown that forensic levels of attention to details of dial design and straps can be delivered and appreciated at entry-level prices. Tudor is not trying to pretend it is anything other than what it is and the same lack of artifice is present at Ralph Lauren, which has created a rugged-looking sports replica watch with its Automotive bracelet model that has a real identity. Ralph has taste and one collector I know, who has the most desirable replica watches one could imagine, wears a Ralph Lauren Slim Classique as his everyday watch; the Automotive does the same job at an accessible price.

A good-value replica watch is a balance of design content and horological integrity and this characterises the new Mille Miglia watches from Swiss Chopard. With new movements from Fleurier Ebauches, this entry-level range has been redesigned. Much value can be found with ongoing upgrades of existing models. Omega Replica, while not a cheap brand, is certainly a value one, constantly uprating movements with enhanced magnetic resistance across the range and the increasing use of Co-Axial escapements.

A decade ago no one would have thought of going into a shop and asking to be shown a range of Co-Axial replica watches, but as knowledge increases so does the appetite for real horological value, which means that Jerome Lambert’s arrival as the CEO of Montblanc has come at a very good time for the brand. Last year Lambert brought out a very attractive perpetual calendar, putting one of the signature complications of fine watchmaking within reach of a public that would normally be excluded – and the signs are that more competitively priced watchmaking will be entering the market, not least from TAG Heuer.

In recent years the exciting developments from Replica TAG Heuer were not in the affordable sports replica watch sector, which had long been its territory, but in high watchmaking. Now it seems that the time is right for TAG Heuer to return to its homelands. With some new and exciting announcements to come this year, this promises to be an interesting time for affordable horology.

Tag Heuer say the Apple Replica Watch is not a watch

Swiss replica watchmaker Tag Heuer Director General Guy Semon, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, Intel’s new device general manager Michael Bell and Google’s engineering director for Android wear David Singleton

Guy Semon, Tag Heuer general director, is talking to WIRED about smart replica watches – and he’s being surprisingly open. His company has just announced a partnership with Google and Intel to launch replica watches uk running Android Wear – but he has no idea if the potential sales are out there. “We don’t know for the moment if the market exists,” Semon says in an exclusive interview with WIRED. “We are watchmakers, but we have to consider the connected replica watch because we had a bad experience in the past with quartz at the beginning of the 70s.”

In 1969, Seiko produced the Astron, the world’s first commercial quartz wristwatch. The inherent accuracy and low cost of production resulted in what was known as the Quartz Crisis during that decade and led to Swiss replica watches industry employment collapsing from 90,000 in 1970 to just 28,000 in 1988. “If it is possible, I prefer to be safe. I don’t know where this train is going, but what I do know is that I have to be on the train,” Semon confesses.

There were a number of smartwatch announcements at this year’s Baselworld watch fair, but Tag’s was arguably the most interesting – despite it being the one where no physical timepiece was unveiled. Three super brands, one with exemplary horological heritage steeped in Swiss tradition, are coming together to combat the threat of the Apple Replica Watch.

WIRED spoke with Semon about the thinking behind the venture. “How to make a connected watch? The normal approach is to copy Apple – but Apple Replica Watch is not a fake watch, it is a connected device on the wrist. There is a big difference. Why? Because this one Semon holds up the brand’s new Carrera Heuer-01 looks good. Better finishing, design. This is not an iPhone. You buy an iPhone and in three years you put it in the trash. But not a fake watch. You have to keep a watch.”

“Why would you spend a lot of money on a swiss watch? Because it is absolutely emotional. A connected device is absolutely rational. It’s totally different – the opposite. The challenge is how to connect both.” Tag Heuer has thrown its lot in with Google and its Android Wear operating system dedicated to connected wearables, and confirms that the Tag smartwatch will be modelled closely on the new Carrera Heuer-01. “Apple gains about $20bn each quarter in profit. The total sales in Switzerland per year is about $20bn. It’s impossible to fight against Apple – and we are not Apple.”

In response to this, Semon states that the philosophy behind the Tag Heuer connected watch is that it will be a gate into the brand’s “universe” and not so concerned with notifications. “It is not to get your push notifications from your phone, for messages, for email,” Semon says. “This is possible, of course – and if you want to have your messages on your wrist you can buy a Chinese connected rolex replica watch for $50 and it’s OK. No, this system will be totally different.”

Tag Heuer wants consumers to shun these now commonplace wearable features and use its coming smartwatch as an instrument to measure performance. “Not just in racing but in all sports. Football, surfing, and so on,” he says. “As an example, you go to the Nürburgring race track, you drive four laps, and the fake breitling watch will record the acceleration, the speed. You will upload your results to the cloud to share this with the rest of the Tag Heuer motor racing club.”

Apple replica watch vs swiss made smart replica watches

Swiss manufacturers are coming out with smartwatches of their own ahead of the launch of the Apple Replica Watch.

At Baselworld 2015, an annual exhibition in Basel, Switzerland, there are plenty of watches to see from traditional watchmakers. But, this year, some are turning their attention toward smartwatches, a market the Apple Replica Watch is expected to spur to a significant degree when it launches in April. Watchmakers last year played down the impact of smartwatches as mostly a gimmick that wouldn’t replace classic timepieces. “This replica watch has no sex appeal,” Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Tag Heuer, said of the Apple Replica Watch in an interview with Die Welt. “It’s too feminine and looks too much like the smartwatches already on the market.”

Since then, Tag Heuer and several other companies have changed course, looking to get a piece of a global market that is expected explode to $8.7 billion in 2015, compared with $1.3 billion in 2014, according to the research firm Smartwatch Group. Although some watchmakers initially scoffed at the notion of smartwatches, their remarks may indicate fears that history could be about to repeat itself. The so-called Quartz Crisis of the 1970s and ’80s saw Switzerland’s mechanical-watch industry devastated by the rise of quartz replica watches made by Japan’s Seiko Epson Corp. and others. During that time, Swiss watchmaker employment fell to 28,000 from a high of 90,000, according to WatchTime. But the industry eventually rebounded as the fake watch became more of a luxury item.

Smartwatches such as the Apple Fake Watch aren’t expected to affect the business of luxury mechanical watchmakers whose products cost $5,000-plus apiece. But for those below that price point, there could be some concerns, especially because replica watches priced under 3,000 Swiss francs ($3,076) accounted for 94 percent of the 28.6 million units exported from Switzerland in 2014, according to the data of Federation of the Swiss Replica Watches Industry. However, the lower-price fake watches accounted for only 34 percent of the value of total Swiss fake watch exports last year, 21 billion Swiss francs ($21.53 billion).

“For companies that have more mass-market appeal, they’re afraid of losing out on their market share,” said Kelly Jasper, associate editor of Hodinkee, a watch-focused online magazine. “And [they’re trying] to reposition themselves to take advantage of this new opportunity.” While it’s likely this isn’t the last of what Switzerland will have to offer in smartwatches, here is a closer look at some of the big names launching devices in 2015.

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer
A Carrera Heuer 01 Automatic Chronograph watch made by the Swiss manufacturer Replica Tag Heuer is displayed at the Baselworld fair in Basel, Switzerland, March 18, 2015.

Tag Heuer announced Thursday its plans to develop its own smartwatch in partnership with the Intel Corp. and Google Inc. Intel is expected to help on the hardware side, while Google will provide software through Android Wear. Officially, Tag Heuer hasn’t said much beyond that. But the smartwatch could wind up as a digital version of its popular line of Carrera replica watches, according to Reuters. Prices and specific features remain under wraps, but the company expects to launch a product in the fourth quarter.

Breitling B55 Connected

Instead of ditching the analog movement of a mechanical timepiece, Breitling took a balanced approach with the B55, which it calls a connected watch. Built of black carbon-coated titanium, the watch with a diameter of 46 millimeters sports a blue rubber strap on the outside. And rather than replace the face with a touch screen, it has two backlit liquid-crystal displays that can show a number of functions and measurements. When not in use, its lithium-ion battery can be juiced up with its magnetic charger.

Unlike other replica watches made by Breitling, the B55 connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, which can be used to adjust the watch’s settings and upload various measurements. While official pricing has yet to be announced, it’s expected to be somewhere in the area of $8,000.

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch
The Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch combines analog movement with smartwatch activity tracking.

Also taking the traditional look coupled with smartwatch features is Frederique Constant, which unveiled its Horological Smartwatch Thursday. Sporting an analog watch face, the handmade smartwatch can also measure activity and track sleep, which can be transmitted to a companion application on either an Android or an iOS device. Sales of the smartwatch will begin in June, with prices starting at 950 euros ($1,028) – and 1,250 euros ($1,353) for the Rose Gold model – according to CNet.

Swatch Touch Zero One

Swatch Touch Zero One
Models of the new connected watch Swatch Touch Zero One are pictured after the Swatch Group annual news conference in Corgemont, Switzerland, March 12, 2015.

The Swatch Touch Zero One, unveiled ahead of Baselworld, isn’t an attempt to match the likes of Apple and Motorola with a fully featured smartwatch. Instead, it’s more of an update to its predecessor – the Swatch Touch. While it retains all the features of its predecessor, including a curved screen and fitness tracking, it also has a number of functions for beach volleyball, such as power hits and power claps.

All that information can be downloaded to a companion smartphone app. And like many Swatch replica watches, it can last multiple months without a battery replacement. The company is also preparing to launch another watch in coming months with near-field-communication technology, which can be used for contactless payments and opening doors.

Gucci Smartband

Gucci Smartband
Gucci is partnering with to build their own luxury Smartband.

The fashion house Gucci is also getting into the smartwatch market with its own smartband, currently in development with the Black Eyed Peas’ Unlike most smartwatches, however, the Gucci Replica band will be able to work independently of a smartphone. Some of its functions include taking calls, sending messages and fitness tracking, according to Vogue.

It’s another take on the Puls cuff-style smartwatch launched by in October. The launch date and pricing of the Gucci smartband have yet to be announced. Baselworld began Thursday and continues through March 26.

Tag Heuer Replica is working on exciting vaporware to take on the Apple Watch


Reading Replica Tag Heuer’s announcement about its intentions to develop a luxury replica watch in partnership with Google and Intel certainly sounds interesting, at least on paper. From its press announcement, the company sounds ready to challenge the Apple Watch with what could be one of the best Android Wear devices yet. However, the Swiss replica watchmaker has not revealed any specific details about this major product nor has it shared any images that might show potential buyers what the gadget would look like.

DON’T MISS: PC makers are laughing at Apple’s new Retina MacBook

It’s clear that Apple is putting plenty of pressure on conventional smartwatch makers, even though the iPhone maker has never sold a fake watch until now. Tag Heuer Replica is not the only Swiss company that’s developing a smartwatch, but the watchmaker is already hyping the device without really revealing anything about it.

Considering that it has partnered up with Google and Intel, it’s clear the device will run Android Wear and pack Intel chips. That means the device should offer the same features currently available from other Android Wear devices and will require pairing with an Android handset for smart features.

But Reuters has learned the device won’t launch until autumn, and it will be based on the current Carrera replica watch series – in other words, it appears the Tag Heuer creation will be a digital replica of the original Tag Heuer black Carrera model.

Pricing details for Tag Heuer’s upcoming smartwatch have not been revealed yet.

LVMH replica watches uk chief Jean-Claude Biver said on Thursday at Baselworld that this is his “biggest announcement ever,” in 40 years of working in the industry, Bloomberg reports. He also said the unnamed device will be the “greatest connected watch” while taking some shots at Apple in the process as well.

“The difference between the TAG Heuer fake watch and the Apple replica watch is very important,” Biver said. “That one is called Apple and this one is called TAG Heuer.” “Apple will get young people used to wearing a watch and later maybe they will want to buy themselves a real watch,” the exec told Reuters. “People will have the impression that they are wearing a normal replica watch.”

The Swiss respond to Apple Replica Watch

Baselworld opens today. As the largest showcase for luxury replica watchmakers in the world, it’s the event where Switzerland will launch its counteroffensive to Apple’s expensive new Fake Watch Edition.

Admittedly, I didn’t know anything about luxury watches prior to rumors of a $10,000 Apple Watch. Oh sure, I knew about Rolex Replica like I knew about Rolls Royce. But the closest I ever came to wearing one was knowing Micah “Lux” Singleton. Now I know my Replica Omega from my Replica Patek Philippe, my Submariner from my Yacht-Master.

Early talk of Apple disrupting the Swiss replica watch industry is almost certainly overblown. Remember how Jony Ive was bragging about Switzerland being in trouble? If anything, I suspect that the increased attention will only serve to raise all boats around Lake Geneva.

The attention that Apple (and to a lesser degree, Samsung and Google) brings to smartwatches opens up an entirely new category for luxury brands to exploit. We’ve already seen the MMT platform announced as well as Montblanc’s smart e-strap. Now we’re hearing rumors of Replica Tag Heuer partnering with Intel to announce a smart version of the original Carrera watch. Who’s next?

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