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— It’s only just available in the shops but you already have the chance to win a Frédérique Constant Horological swiss replica watch in our October competition. Plus a look back on the launches from Replica Watches & Wonders, new collections, new buildings and the implications of zero-gravity testing.


Frédérique Constant were the first to announce and launch a swiss replica watch, which recently received a huge thumbs-up in a first test by our contributor Olivier Müller. Now you have the chance to win one in our latest monthly competition. As usual you just need to answer three questions on the brand.

Watch brands have very recently started to reap the rewards of plans made during the good years, inaugurating new factories with improved capacity. In the case of Rolex Replica Watches it was more a question of necessity, as the previous premises were increasingly unfit for their purpose, whereas for Hublot it is more about doubling its production capacity for in-house movements. It is also an opportunity for brands to embrace more innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for power generation (geothermal energy for Replica Rolex and solar panels for Hublot). I will offer a more detailed overview of the new buildings later this week. In the meantime, Olivier Müller takes a broader look at corporate social responsibility in the watch industry today.

Although two watch brands almost simultaneously announcing zero-gravity tests on their replica watches and movements is probably more coincidence than trend, the tests and their subjects reveal some interesting insights. There is some advanced research and exciting prospects behind them, in addition to giving young entrepreneurial CEOs the opportunity to float around briefly in weightlessness. I explain the tests and their implications in more detail tomorrow.

Watches & Wonders has brought us another fine autumnal harvest of fake watches, with a continuation of the recent trend to launch not just new watches, but entire collections. Within weeks we have seen the arrival of Louis Vuitton’s brand-new LV Fifty Five collection, and Bovet’s 19Thirty collection with no less than 18 different references. These two new collections are both positioned at the base of the pyramid. It’s a term that may come across as pejorative in the luxury replica watches industry, but it’s where the brunt of sales are made and it’s where mere mortals often find their entrance into the world of fine watchmaking. So all in all it’s good news for brands and customers alike.

Last but not least, we will review all the major launches from Watches & Wonders in more detail over the next couple of weeks and continue our GPHG round tables, sharing our thoughts this week on the Calendar and Chronograph categories.

The ultimate value for money fine replica watches


Replica Watches are never exactly inexpensive, so the topic dominating debate within the trade at the start of this year made for uncomfortable conversation, viz the strength of the Swiss franc. The economic crisis has seen the rich get richer, but no one wants to overpay for anything, and this may be why the current climate, combined with the prevailing taste for simpler replica watches, has succeeded in producing some rather good value-for money timepieces.

The key to great entry-level fake watches is the absence of pretension and that is made easier by the trend towards manageably proportioned replica watches and ones that do not suggest that they are capable of all sorts of functions. Thus I was delighted to come across the 36mm Rolex Replica Oyster Perpetual with the grape-coloured dial that launched last year. Coloured-dial Rolexes are all the go at the moment – and the auction market for Stella-dialled Day- Dates is liable to get a fillip with Aurel Bacs’ themed sale at Phillips’ Geneva auction house in May – but here Fake Rolex was putting effort into making its gateway to the Oyster world more welcoming than it has been for a very long time.

The recent entry-level success story has been Tudor. Part of me rather regrets that this sibling of Replica Rolex, relaunched in the UK at the end of last year, is no longer a below-the-radar brand. Through careful design and rationalised manufacturing, Tudor has been able to deliver a product that is stylish, chic and does not patronise the customer. Its Heritage Chrono and Black Bay have shown that forensic levels of attention to details of dial design and straps can be delivered and appreciated at entry-level prices. Tudor is not trying to pretend it is anything other than what it is and the same lack of artifice is present at Ralph Lauren, which has created a rugged-looking sports replica watch with its Automotive bracelet model that has a real identity. Ralph has taste and one collector I know, who has the most desirable replica watches one could imagine, wears a Ralph Lauren Slim Classique as his everyday watch; the Automotive does the same job at an accessible price.

A good-value replica watch is a balance of design content and horological integrity and this characterises the new Mille Miglia watches from Swiss Chopard. With new movements from Fleurier Ebauches, this entry-level range has been redesigned. Much value can be found with ongoing upgrades of existing models. Omega Replica, while not a cheap brand, is certainly a value one, constantly uprating movements with enhanced magnetic resistance across the range and the increasing use of Co-Axial escapements.

A decade ago no one would have thought of going into a shop and asking to be shown a range of Co-Axial replica watches, but as knowledge increases so does the appetite for real horological value, which means that Jerome Lambert’s arrival as the CEO of Montblanc has come at a very good time for the brand. Last year Lambert brought out a very attractive perpetual calendar, putting one of the signature complications of fine watchmaking within reach of a public that would normally be excluded – and the signs are that more competitively priced watchmaking will be entering the market, not least from TAG Heuer.

In recent years the exciting developments from Replica TAG Heuer were not in the affordable sports replica watch sector, which had long been its territory, but in high watchmaking. Now it seems that the time is right for TAG Heuer to return to its homelands. With some new and exciting announcements to come this year, this promises to be an interesting time for affordable horology.