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TAG Heuer, Google and Intel have the SmartWatch perfect November 9


TAG Heuer, Google and Intel are working together from the beginning of year on a Swiss replica watch intelligent, to be presented officially on November 9. The big question is if this trio will be able to collaborate and ultimately produce a clock smart enough to beat off competition from Apple Watch.

The news was made official in a press conference organized on the occasion of Baselworld 2015, the World Watch and Jewellery Show. The following quote is from Jean-Claude Biver, chairman of the division clock LVMH Group and CEO of Replica TAG Heuer: “The Swiss rologiera and Silicon Valley are a combination of technological innovation.”

It will be interesting to see what a collaboration between TAG Heuer, Google and Intel will bring to market. To date, the smart watches as product category have not been very successful, in particular because it is not clear why they are necessary when you need to be connected to a smartphone for work, but also because manufacturers smartwatch no sense fashion.

Meanwhile, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury replica watches Tag Heuer has released the first teaser image of its upcoming Android Wear smartwatch. The wearable device high end will make its official debut next month, November 9. As we can see below, the image makes sense that it will smartwatch sporty design with Tag Heuer Carrera. The device should be called commercially Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01.

Apple is trying to bring a bit ‘of the fashion market with its first smartwatch Apple Replica Watch (from April 24 on sale), but Apple is just beginning and must work hard to convince users to buy its product, whose starting price is $ 349 for the base model up to $ 10,000 for the top model.

In its announcement at Baselworld 2015, Jean-Claude Biver said that the announcement of the smartwatch in question was his “greatest ad ever made” in his 40 years of work in the field. He predicted that the device will be “the largest smartwatch”. David Singleton, the head of development for Google Android Wear, added: “When I think of the clock, has always been a combination of beauty and utility. We’re going to do this with our partnership.”.

In accordance with agreements made by the trio of companies, TAG Heuer has managed the design and manufacture of the watch, while Intel will provide the chipset with integrated processor and Google will lend its platform Android Wear and help develop proprietary software.


The clock is set to be presented on November 9 to be available later this year, with prices and further details will be provided next month.

The global market smartwatches could rise to 28.1 million units this year, from 4.6 million in 2014, with Apple’s Code provides that you can win 55 percent of the market, despite its late entry, according to researcher Market Strategy Analytics.

The number of rolex replica watches brands that have added electronic features to their products has increased since Apple announced that it would invest in a product that the customers might wear on your wrist. Swatch, Breitling Replica, Montblanc, and Frederique Constant are among the brands that have entered the fray manufacturers smartwatch, with products ranging from a simple device that receives notifications from your smartphone to a gold-plated watch that serves as a fitness tracker. The SmartWatch TAG Heuer will not be produced in Switzerland, as the company will rely on its partners in Silicon Valley.

This is not the first foray of TAG Heuer in the market of electronic devices. In 2008, the brand introduced a mobile phone called Meridiist, while in 2013 the team Oracle Team USA in the America’s Cup (sponsored by TAG Heuer) wore electronic watches with specific functions for the game co-developed by TAG Heuer and its partners .

“The difference between the TAG Heuer replica watch and the watch Apple is very important,” said Biver. “One is called Apple and the other is called TAG Heuer.”

Swiss Replica Watches Exports Fall as Apple Watch Dents Low-End Demand

Swiss replica watches exports fell in August, heading for the first annual decline in six years amid signs that competition from Apple Inc.’s smartwatch may be denting demand for low-end timepieces.

Shipments declined 1.6 percent to 1.47 billion francs ($1.5 billion), the Federation of the Swiss Replica Watch Industry said on its website Tuesday. Exports of watches with wholesale prices less than 200 francs fell 13 percent, while the 200-franc to 500-franc segment plunged 24 percent.

“I presume that the Apple Replica Watch would put pressure on the low- and mid-tier segment of the Swiss replica watch market,” said Jon Cox, an analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux in Zurich. “Stock market volatility isn’t helping in China.”

Watch shipments, which make up about a tenth of Switzerland’s total exports, have declined 1.2 percent in the first eight months of 2015. Apple’s entry into timepieces has spurred less-expensive brands to develop their own smartwatches as they face the biggest threat. Movado Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Efraim Grinberg said last month that the maker of $495 timepieces will start selling a smartwatch in the fourth quarter, joining other brands such as Frederique Constant and Mondaine.

Wealth Destruction

The introduction of the Apple Replica Watch, combined with a surge in the Swiss franc and a Chinese government campaign against extravagant spending, have clouded the outlook for Swiss timepieces. Wealth destruction caused by the Shanghai Composite Index’s 38 percent decline since mid-June may also be damping demand from rich Chinese.

Shipments to Hong Kong, the largest market, declined 18 percent, while China registered a 39 percent decline. The rest of the top markets increased more than 10 percent, except for Singapore, which was down 11 percent.

Swatch Group AG shares dropped 2.7 percent to 370.70 francs as of 10:28 a.m. in Zurich. Cartier maker Cie. Financiere Richemont SA fell 2.1 percent to 74.10 francs.

“The development in the low and mid-end is an issue for Swatch Group, whereas Richemont has with its high-end brands less of a negative impact from the August figures,” said Rene Weber, an analyst at Bank Vontobel AG.

High-end replica watches, wholesaling for more than 300 francs, gained 1.7 percent in value last month. The country’s largest watchmakers are closely held Rolex, Swatch Group and Richemont.

August had one more business day in 2015 than in 2014, and adjusting for that, replica watch exports dropped 5.6 percent in the month, according to Swiss customs authorities.

Apple Replica Watch design story makes Swiss and Japanese traditionalists nervous

With the long-anticipated Apple Replica Watch now available to view and pre-order, and purchasing expected to commence this Friday, no one will be watching the take-up more closely than traditional replica watches brands. This was flagged at the recent Baselworld watch fair, where despite not being on show, the most talked-about timepiece was Apple’s newcomer, with opinions divided on the impact it will have on an industry dominated by the Swiss, and to a lesser extent the Japanese.

The head of LVMH watch brands Replica Hublot, Tag Heuer and Zenith, Jean-Claude Biver, told attendees Apple was unlike previous competitors in that “they make as much in a month as the whole Swiss industry makes in a year.” Apple, the world’s richest company, is a threat for another reason – it’s a “cool” brand, the likes of which the Swiss have not come up against before.

No one will be watching the take-up of the Apple Replica Watch more closely than traditional watch brands.

The Swiss are particularly vulnerable in the youth market where ‘brand’ cachet and wearable cred doesn’t extend to names like Jaeger LeCoultre, Breguet or Patek Philippe Replica – things your father might sport. But did Apple actually set out to achieve world dominance in swiss replica watches?

Apple designers at its Infinite Loop headquarters in Cuppertino are keen to stress they were in fact regular “watch guys”, who loved their Replica Rolexes and Tag Heuers. On the other hand it was obvious to the team when the device was first proposed by design head Sir Jonathon Ive back in 2011 that the next Apple device had to be wearable and the only natural place for it to sit was on the wrist.

This presented some unique challenges: they were working in the digital space, apps would be critical to the usefulness of whatever it was going to be, but the sheer physical restraints of the forearm meant simply adapting an iPhone-like interface was not possible.

Different design needs

The team quickly realised the face was “too small to pinch and zoom”, that your fingers obscured the display, and even that standard typefaces didn’t reproduce with adequate crispness. Thus Apple set to work experimenting with a replica watch-like crown, which ultimately became the Digital Crown, while typographers were brought in to craft a dedicated typeface that scaled up or down without loss of clarity.

While all this resulted in something that worked on a technical level – the crown alone involved decisions about resistance, how far it should protrude, the right number of grooves – the designers had to consider not only questions of fashion and style, hardly new fields for Apple, but also how the new device might feel against the skin – something they’d not previously had to prioritise. It was also decided the replica watches uk had to be independent of its partner in crime, the iPhone, at least for functions such as time, music and basic fitness functions such as measuring pace and distance.

Finally there was the question of how the fake watch might be attached to the wrist – and here’s there’s an intriguing Australian connection, namely Sydney-born internationally renowned uber-designer Marc Newson. Newson has more than dabbled in replica watches before; he set up his own up-market timepiece line, Ikepod, in the late 1990s, parting ways with the brand only in 2012.

Commentators have noted that bands of the Apple replica watch bear a striking resemblance to those the Ikepod uniquely sported, while the rectangular case-shape too is not unlike more recent Ikepod efforts. The puzzle – if you can call it that – is that Newson joined the Apple design team only moments before the fake watch was officially announced.

One explanation given is that Newson and Ive have long been friends, and had probably been scribbling away together at the dining room table for yonks – with Newson’s later official appointment merely confirming his earlier involvement.

New leadership

Another outsider brought in was Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, who was recruited as senior vice president for retail and online stores. At the official launch of the replica watch in San Francisco in late March, Apple CEO Tim Cook said such appointments demonstrated the company’s understanding of the need for not just a different device, but a different retail experience, citing the desirability of “choice and soft expression”.

Whether a combination of clever product and soft-sell is enough to make the Apple a replica watch industry game-changer we’re about to find out. In their favour, the Swiss, and at the high end Japan’s Grand Seiko, produce hand-crafted timepieces of such quality and complexity that they should continue to win hands down when it comes to character and cachet. They are also largely obsolescence-proof.

As such, Biver feels that the real threat is to lower-end timepieces, not mechanical masterpieces. But a question remains: what if young people in particular become accustomed to having something more multifunctional on the wrist than a simple time-teller? Will they turn to the revered traditional brands, many of whom – Breitling, Bulgari, Tag Heuer, Frederique Constant – are now also working feverishly on offering various levels of connectivity, or will generation Y embrace a cheeky newcomer?

Given recent history – and the transformative effects we’ve witnessed thanks to the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, it’s a brave watcher who’d bet against the latter. Bani McSpedden is watch editor of The Australian Financial Review and; he travelled to Cupertino as a guest of Apple.

No better time to buy a Swiss replica watch

A Tag Heuer Replica Cristiano Ronaldo limited edition.

If you have been eyeing a luxury timepiece, get it now. Threatened by the Apple Replica Watch, prices have dropped to their lowest in a decade says Sidin Vadukut. A perfect storm has hit the Swiss replica watch industry, and things cannot possibly get better for customers. Two trends are at play here. The first appears to be a rebalancing of the Chinese market. The second is the Apple Replica Watch. Throw in a third element—fear—and you are looking at the closest the world watch business has come to a buyer’s market in perhaps the last 10 years (of course, it will never become a buyer’s market in the theoretical sense. Luxury goods are never value for money in any realistic sense of the word).

“Prices had reached such high levels,” Aldo Magada told me last month. I met Magada in Basel, Switzerland, during the 2015 edition of the Baselworld watch and jewellery fair. Magada has not been chief executive of the LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton group’s Zenith replica watch brand for long. So he speaks with uncharacteristic candour. “Over the last five-six years…swiss replica watches prices had gone up…40%. Something like that.” And now these prices are correcting; in some cases, drastically. While China remains the most important international market for watches, consumption patterns in that part of the world also seem to be changing. Demand has moved a step below on the luxury pyramid of brands. Over the last few years, we had seen how Chinese customers were demanding more elegant, minimal timepieces. And we saw brands falling over each other to satisfy this demand. Now, there is pressure on prices as well. Perhaps the Chinese economy is slowing slightly, and consumers are adjusting spending budgets.

There is also much talk of anti-corruption crackdowns in China. So much so that lesser-known brand names are trying to cash in. A sales manager for a second-tier Swiss brand told me he was hoping to sell pieces to Chinese buyers too afraid to publicly flaunt Replica Rolexes and Cartiers in this political climate. Then there is the pressure from Cupertino. Guy Semon, general director at Tag Heuer, told me that nobody in the Swiss fake watches industry wants to take the smartwatch for granted. Wait. No. Let me correct that. Nobody wants to take the Apple Replica Watch for granted. There was no talk of any other wearable at Basel. “I remember what happened to the industry when the quartz crisis happened,” Semon told me. “Entire watchmaking villages and communities were wiped out.”

It seems unlikely that Apple will have the same catastrophic impact that Japanese quartz replica watches had on the Swiss business. But nobody wants to take a chance. In particular, there is huge pressure on brands that compete with entry-level Apple Replica Watch models. Why would anybody spend $500 (around Rs.31,000) on a mechanical fake watch when they can get a smartwatch for the same price? This is a question I heard over and over again at Basel. In the next 12 months, we should have an answer.

What does this mean for the consumer? Outstanding value and great bargains. Baselworld 2015 presented a lavish collection of really good uk fake watches at excellent prices. From Tag Heuer Replica to Corum to Calvin Klein, there are excellent replica watches available at great prices. And this will have a domino effect across the sector. I am loath to ask readers to buy, buy, buy. But think about it. Either the Apple Replica Watch will flop and Swiss brands will slowly inflate prices again. Or it will be a smash hit and half these brands will go out of business. Either way, the window of opportunity seems narrow.

Why not peek through?

Surprises Also Happen in the World of Mechanical Replica Watches

Replica-Patek-Philippe-Hublot-Antoine Preziuso
Clockwise from top left: Patek Philippe’s Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, Antoine Preziuso’s Tourbillon of Tourbillons, and Fake Hublot’s Big Bang Unico Italia Independent Photo: PHOTO: Replica Patek Philippe, Hublot, Antoine Preziuso

While the tech world buzzes with the Apple Replica Watch, don’t miss the strong traditional replica watch brands also innovating. QUESTION: What makes a strong brand? Answer: You know what it is, you know what it does, and you know what it stands for without being told. An example? McDonald’s. But strong brands sometimes surprise, as McDonald’s did with its introduction of kale salads!

In the replica watch world there are few brands to match the strength of Replica Patek Philippe, and Patek Philippe has surprised us, by launching a pilot replica watch. Patek in the 1930s produced a few pilot replica watches, now on display in the company’s Geneva museum. Customers saw these replica watches and asked for a contemporary version.


The new Calatrava Pilot Travel Time is more refined then most pilot replica watches around today and less slavishly imitative of the instrument panel of a cockpit. And the watch has complications: second time zone, day/night indicator for both time zones, and a calendar—more suitable for a frequent traveler than a pilot. A kale salad is nowhere near as useful. Price: $47,600 in white gold, with a 42mm case (


This year Antoine Preziuso celebrates 35 years as an independent watchmaker. Prolific and daring with his designs Mr. Preziuso has been quiet in recent years. At Basel he explained why: He has been working on a new watch, the Tourbillon of Tourbillons, with his son, Florian. The replica watch has three tourbillons connected and synchronized by a differential. Differentials aren’t new in fake swiss watches and neither, of course, are multiple tourbillons. But, the arrangement of one differential and three tourbillons is probably unique. Mr. Preziuso has wrapped his creation in a case of rose gold, titanium and steel; it is 45mm in diameter and 14mm thick. Price: €480,000 (


Hublot often produces stylish, in-your-face watches. This year’s entrant in that category is its Big Bang UnicoItalia Independent, designed in collaboration with Italia Independent, a clothing and lifestyle brand founded by Italian entrepreneur Lapo Elkann—thus covering the style side of things. Like all replica watches in the Unico collection this one is a chronograph with a calendar and a 45mm case.

What’s new is the case material: Texalium, an aluminum-coated carbon fiber that, in an oddly attractive way, accentuates the colors, blue or gray, of the case. The blue version also has a denim-covered rubber strap with titanium studs. Price: $28,600 (


If your taste runs more to elegant fake watches inspired by Art Deco, you’re in luck: 2015 sees the 70th anniversary of the Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945, a replica watch uk with a medley of curves and straight lines, pink gold and steel and one detail—a round, recessed seconds subdial—that all together evoke one of the first truly modern stylistic eras. The new watch, called Vintage 1945 Small Seconds, has a rectangular case measuring 36.2mm x 35.25mm. Price: $13,050 (


Let’s end on a musical note: For several years, Swiss entry-level mechanical brand Replica Oris UK has launched replica watches commemorating great jazz musicians. The watch created for this year’s honoree, piano maestro Thelonious Monk, has that indefinable but instantly recognizable quality: cool. With a subtle blue sunburst dial, long, thin hour and minute hands, and a simple 40mm stainless-steel case, this watch will never draw attention to itself—an essential component of cool. When this watch is noticed, its beauty will be appreciated—also very cool. Produced in a limited edition of 1,000. Price: $1,900 (

Apple Replica Watch and Selfridges

Customers try out the Apple Replica Watch in the new designated Selfridges area in London

Apple’s partnership with Selfridges has the potential to alter the face of technology retail forever, says Rhiannon Williams. When is a replica watch not a watch? When it’s the potential multi-million money spinner brainchild of the most powerful company in the world. It’s been a long seven months since Apple chief executive Tim Cook first unveiled the Apple Replica Watches during an event in San Francisco, putting an end to years of rumours and speculation. The smartwatch, which allows its wearer to send and receive emails and texts, field phone calls and track their health and fitness through a series of sensors, is “the most personal device we’ve ever made, because it’s the first one designed to be worn.”

Yesterday London’s Selfridges played host to hundreds of curious shoppers craning their necks to get closer to Apple’s first original product since the iPad in 2010. But, in a uniquely Apple turn of events, they weren’t even customers eager to hand over their cold hard cash – they just wanted to look at it. The device won’t actually go on full sale until April 24; until then, potential owners can make appointments at Selfridges or Apple stores be talked through the Replica Watch’s features by trained staff and, if they’re lucky, try it on.

The Apple Replica Watch rubs shoulders with Replica Cartier, Fake Swiss Rolex and other behemoths of the luxury timepiece world in a corner of Selfridge’s luxury Wonder Room, a neo-classical hall filled with premium jewellery and replica watches. A long, wooden bench with hollowed-out glass covered centre containing the three Replica Watch collections – the Apple Watch Sport, standard Apple Watch and the luxury replica watch Edition – is flanked by tall potted trees, lending the space the feeling of an atrium.

The Replica Watch collections are housed under glass set within a long wooden bench

The calm and collected crowd milling around are a world away from the whoops and hollers of the 1,000 people who queued for the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus at the Covent Garden store alone last September. This is no accident – it came as a personal directive from Apple’s senior vice president of retail and online sales Angela Ahrendts. The former head of Burberry told retail staff that the days of waiting in line and crossing fingers for a product “are over for our customers,” according to an internal memo leaked earlier this week.

Ahrendts suggests workers direct customers online to pre-order their Fake Watches in a “significant change of mindset”, which could put an end to the days of diehard fans camping outside stores across the world to be among the first to own the latest iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Apple Replica Watch review: object of desire

Apple’s decision to partner with Selfridges is an interesting one. The department store announced record operating profits of £150m in November for the year ending December 2013, as sales rose 10.4pc to £1.2bn, largely driven by rapid online growth. Ahrendts’ strategy to do away with placing pre-orders instore and pushing customers online is a smart one – it makes a visit to their bricks-and-mortar stores a conscious retail decision; like opting to dip into Harrods or a museum. Not that this renewed focus of luxury and premium lifestyle – with a price to match – has put shoppers off.

Jack Summers is in London for his Easter break from boarding school in Switzerland, and chose to place a pre-order for the 42mm Sports model. “It’s an embellishment to your iPhone,” he tells me. “It’s the future. It might be a bit clunky to begin with, but in a few years, everyone will have one.”

16 year old Jack Summers casts an eye over the selection

Dominic Meister, who is also visiting the UK from Switzerland, plans to travel to France to buy his model of choice in two weeks’ time, as the Fake Watch sale is expected to be delayed in Switzerland over an alleged patent dispute. “I have an iPod, an iPhone, a Mac, pretty much everything,” he said. “I think I’ll get the Sport version with the black strap, as it goes with everything and I find the normal Apple Replica Watch to be a little heavy.”

These are the Apple faithful, the true fans who keep a close eye on everything the company does. I catch sight of Sam Sheik, a softly-spoken young man I last met at the head of the iPhone 6 queue last year. “I won’t pre-order, I’d rather go to the Apple store and queue for the first day,” he says. “I love the gold one (the Edition, starting from £8,000) but it’s quite expensive, so I don’t think I can afford it right now.”

Dominic Meister, who is also visiting the UK from Switzerland, plans to travel to France to buy his model of choice in two weeks’ time, as the Watch sale is expected to be delayed in Switzerland over an alleged patent dispute. “I have an iPod, an iPhone, a Mac, pretty much everything,” he said. “I think I’ll get the Sport version with the black strap, as it goes with everything and I find the normal Apple Replica Watch to be a little heavy.”

These are the Apple faithful, the true fans who keep a close eye on everything the company does. I catch sight of Sam Sheik, a softly-spoken young man I last met at the head of the iPhone 6 queue last year. “I won’t pre-order, I’d rather go to the Apple store and queue for the first day,” he says. “I love the gold one (the Edition, starting from £8,000) but it’s quite expensive, so I don’t think I can afford it right now.”