German Replica Watch Pricing: Thinner Margins Than the Swiss Means Higher Value


German replica watches enjoy a lot of appeal to many watch enthusiasts due to their quality and relatively high value for the price. No one can sum up the entirety of German replica watches in one bold statement, but overall, German watches are more dedicated toward usability and performance than the prestige that most Swiss replica watches go for.


My favorite examples of German Replica Watch makers of Glashutte, Sinn, Limes, and Temption. Each of these makers produces beautiful timepieces which are as much tools as they are works of art. Glashutte is the most prestigious of the above four being the only house-manufacture. This means they produce and develop their own movements as opposed to buying movements kits. However, house-manufactures are uncommon, and the watches they produce demand very high prices. Movements purchased from such as ETA are often higher quality that a house-movement.




Sinn, Limes, and Temption each utilize movement kits, but make their own very high-quality cases. Often times these watch makers will copy each other in terms of design, but the results are always pleasing. Temption is the most unique of these brands in terms of style, while Sinn produces arguably the most rugged and utilitarian replica watches. Limes on the other hand makes classic-looking watches at very affordable prices.

German replica watches are mostly “mid-priced” putting them in the $100-$300 range. However, many can be found at the sub $100 level if you shop smart on places such as German replica watches have a smaller distribution network in the UK for a couple of reasons. First, is that most German replica watch makers deals straight with the consumer or straight with the dealer location. They will not use too many middlemen to get the watches to market. Second, which is combined with the first reason, there are smaller margins to be made because the prices are lower. It seems as though the German replica watch makers actively seek to place their watches on as many wrists as possible by keeping prices down. Although $200 for a watch may seem steep, remember that a typical German watch is made using the highest quality metals and materials, and is hand assembled by highly skilled workers. The only thing that higher priced Swiss replica watches can boast is that the actual pieces used to make the watches are sometimes hand made. This does not always yield the best results in terms of quality.

What this all means for you is that you can a beautiful and functional German watch at a much lower price than a comparable Swiss replica watch. Although finding the watches are going to be a bit more difficult. A great place to look for German watches, as is often the case is Wonderful-Watch store.

Affiliate Marketing and Design Replica Watches Shopping


Affiliate marketing, in a nut shell, is when an site that sells a product pays a site that draws a customer to the product seller’s site. The two entities here are the advertiser (has product to sell), and the publisher (drives traffic). An enormous trend these days, is recommendation-based affiliate marketing. Essentially, when a publisher promotes a product or service by writing an article about it and referring it. This natural-looking marketing seems to work wonders with consumers looking for product reviews.

Replica Watches are a bit different than most products, because writing a review on them is very difficult. First, most people don’t really care about the quality or craftsmanship of a replica watch, it is the price, then the look that matters. Second, after talking about the actual features and construction of the watch, the matter of taste is highly personal. There have been swiss replica watches people love, and I just cannot seem to appreciate (Rolex Datejust for example, it is the fluting on the bezel I hate).

However, I think there is a huge potential market for watch affiliate marketing. It takes a keen reviewer to really focus on the little details and aspects of the design that take a nice replica watch to classic watch. Furthermore, many of the less expensive watch makers seem to make awkward hybrid copies of more expensive designs. Even though it is basically impossible to copyright the look of a replica watch, instead of virtual copies, “designer” watch makers take bits and pieces from popular designs, often resulting in ugly Franken watches. Why do they do this? Probably the same reason they make formula movies.

What a keen affiliate marketer could do, is sift through the vast array of well-done, and handsome watches offered by the volume makers (Fossil, Invicta, etc…) to point out the ones which are well done. This can be instrumental in selling more product, and getting the word out about wearable, yet very budget conscious watches. I would like to see an upsurge in watch-based affiliate marketing soon.