UAE Retains Top 10 Ranking In Swiss Replica Watch Industry 2014 Exports

In 2014, the UAE continued to uphold its top ten ranking in the import of replica watches, showing a substantial growth of 8.9% over the previous twelve months. The Federation of the swiss replica watches Industry’s cumulative 2014 reports reveals that the UAE still dominates the region’s timepiece imports at a value of 1,017.6 million Swiss Francs (add dirham amount here).

The year showed exports to Asia accounting for over half the fake watch global export shares at 54%, with Middle Eastern markets including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait in the Top 30 global ranks, comprising a substantial 9.5% of the total value. Following a steady increase of 5% in units compared to the previous year, 2014 figures show 2,973,016 exported units of wristwatches to the Middle East. This growth cements the Middle East as the second highest regional importer after other European countries.

Mr. Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Vice President of Sales and Retail of the region’s leading timepiece retailer, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, said: “The UAE continues to maintain its position as one of the world’s top luxury retail destinations with a consistent demand for Swiss rolex replica uk watchmaking expertise. We are proud to have been such an integral part of this growth, having been in the business of curating time since 1950. Both existing collectors and a new generation of watch enthusiasts are driving the continued growth of Swiss watches in the Emirates, and we expect this trend to continue in 2015.”

In 2014, the Swiss watch industry maintained a figure of 22.2 billion francs in yearly global exports and sustained an annual growth rate of 1.9%. The ranks of global omega replica watch export distributions in 2014 were dominated by Hong Kong, USA, China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Singapore, France and the United Kingdom. Including UAE in this ranking, figures show a rise of 8.9% above 2013 with an increase of 13.5% of the year’s units in December alone to maintain UAE’s position as a global leader in luxury retail.

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Will Apple Get Eased Out of the Luxury Replica Watches Market?


You got to hand it to Tim Cook of Apple. The man has a vision and courage. There’s really no other way to describe it. Apple is going to go into the luxury replica watch market. It’s not going into the wearable wireless market. Let’s get that clear. If Apple was going into the wearable wireless market, it would have priced its Replica Watches much cheaper.

As I’ve maintained all along, the wearable wireless market is really a race to the bottom. It really is. It’s all about hardware. It’s all about getting hardware out there at the lowest price possible. That is not Apple’s game. If Apple were to play that game, it will lose again and again. It’s just going to waste money. It’s going to be throwing good money after bad. Instead, it’s going after the other side of the market. It’s going after the high-end luxury timepiece market.

At this end of the market, Apple might not be a slam dunk as market analysts think it would be. If anything, Apple will pave the way and energize the market, but I highly suspect that existing global players like Swiss Replica Watches will predominate. First and foremost, even if Apple was to make a dent on this market, it would be a relatively small segment of Apple’s total business portfolio. Second, this might be the shot in the arm the luxury fake watches industry needs to take that industry from the late 1800s all the way to the 22nd century.

Make no mistake about it, brands like Replica Rolex are not going to go away anytime soon. Even if watches become fully digital and solar powered, Rolex will still find a way to be relevant. That is the reality Apple has to face and overcome for it to be a truly credible player in the high-end luxury replica watch market.

The ultimate value for money fine replica watches


Replica Watches are never exactly inexpensive, so the topic dominating debate within the trade at the start of this year made for uncomfortable conversation, viz the strength of the Swiss franc. The economic crisis has seen the rich get richer, but no one wants to overpay for anything, and this may be why the current climate, combined with the prevailing taste for simpler replica watches, has succeeded in producing some rather good value-for money timepieces.

The key to great entry-level fake watches is the absence of pretension and that is made easier by the trend towards manageably proportioned replica watches and ones that do not suggest that they are capable of all sorts of functions. Thus I was delighted to come across the 36mm Rolex Replica Oyster Perpetual with the grape-coloured dial that launched last year. Coloured-dial Rolexes are all the go at the moment – and the auction market for Stella-dialled Day- Dates is liable to get a fillip with Aurel Bacs’ themed sale at Phillips’ Geneva auction house in May – but here Fake Rolex was putting effort into making its gateway to the Oyster world more welcoming than it has been for a very long time.

The recent entry-level success story has been Tudor. Part of me rather regrets that this sibling of Replica Rolex, relaunched in the UK at the end of last year, is no longer a below-the-radar brand. Through careful design and rationalised manufacturing, Tudor has been able to deliver a product that is stylish, chic and does not patronise the customer. Its Heritage Chrono and Black Bay have shown that forensic levels of attention to details of dial design and straps can be delivered and appreciated at entry-level prices. Tudor is not trying to pretend it is anything other than what it is and the same lack of artifice is present at Ralph Lauren, which has created a rugged-looking sports replica watch with its Automotive bracelet model that has a real identity. Ralph has taste and one collector I know, who has the most desirable replica watches one could imagine, wears a Ralph Lauren Slim Classique as his everyday watch; the Automotive does the same job at an accessible price.

A good-value replica watch is a balance of design content and horological integrity and this characterises the new Mille Miglia watches from Swiss Chopard. With new movements from Fleurier Ebauches, this entry-level range has been redesigned. Much value can be found with ongoing upgrades of existing models. Omega Replica, while not a cheap brand, is certainly a value one, constantly uprating movements with enhanced magnetic resistance across the range and the increasing use of Co-Axial escapements.

A decade ago no one would have thought of going into a shop and asking to be shown a range of Co-Axial replica watches, but as knowledge increases so does the appetite for real horological value, which means that Jerome Lambert’s arrival as the CEO of Montblanc has come at a very good time for the brand. Last year Lambert brought out a very attractive perpetual calendar, putting one of the signature complications of fine watchmaking within reach of a public that would normally be excluded – and the signs are that more competitively priced watchmaking will be entering the market, not least from TAG Heuer.

In recent years the exciting developments from Replica TAG Heuer were not in the affordable sports replica watch sector, which had long been its territory, but in high watchmaking. Now it seems that the time is right for TAG Heuer to return to its homelands. With some new and exciting announcements to come this year, this promises to be an interesting time for affordable horology.

Why there will be lines for the gold Apple Replica Watch


The price differential between Beijing and New York is more than double the cost of a round-trip ticket. Remember the customers carrying bundles of cash who queued up last September to buy as many iPhones as Apple would sell them? It could happen again.

“We saw this with the iPhone,” said Asymco’s Horace Dediu in a podcast recorded Thursday. “We’ll see it in spades with the gold Apple Replica Watch.” Most analysts expect demand will be strongest for Apple’s aluminum and steel watches, which start at $349 and $549, respectively. Dediu believes Wall Street may be underestimating the intangible appeal of a $10,000 gold watch. Especially one given as a gift. Especially in China, with its rich tradition of over-the-top gift giving.

The gold watch has something else going for it. Unlike the value of a Replica Rolex, say, which can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, the price of the Apple Fake Watch in each of its global markets is fixed; it’s listed on the website. “It’s like currency,” says Dediu. Factor in local taxes, and you can calculate with some precision what he calls the “global arbitrage opportunities.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 8.05.19 AMFor example, the entry level gold swiss replica watch — 38mm 18-Karat Rose Gold with a white sport band — retails in the U.S. for $10.000. The same watch is listed on Apple’s Chinese website for RMB 74,800 ($12,045). Beijing imposes a 17% value added tax. Hong Kong does not. “If someone smuggles one of these into China,” says Dediu, “they’ll pay for their flight ticket and then some.”

He reports that in Boston there were still queues for the iPhone 6 Plus in January, almost five months after it launched. “They’re mostly Chinese,” he says. “They’re doing it as a business.” It can be a rough business, as a documentary film shot outside Replica Watches UK Stores last September demonstrated. It might be even rougher in April, when buyers could be carrying bundles of cash in units of $10,000.

That’s cash that will go almost directly to Apple’s bottom line. Dediu estimates that the margin on a $10,000 gold watch could be as high as 90%. “I wouldn’t be surprised if in the first few months the demand for gold is far, far higher than we imagined,” he says. “They’ll just be out of stock, permanently.” Follow Philip Elmer-DeWitt on Twitter at @ukswisswatches. Read his Apple coverage at UkSwissWatches.Co.Uk or subscribe via his RSS feed.

A man’s search for a lost Rolex replica watch gifted to him by his wife

After 15 years of marriage, Douglas’ wife had gifted him the ultra luxury replica watch worth Rs 5 lakh last month.

When Douglas L came to Delhi this time, he had a Rolex Replica on his wrist. Two weeks later, he is struggling to find it. While travelling in an auto from GK Enclave to Kailash Colony last Wednesday, the 45-year-old publisher from south China had slipped it into his pocket. That was the last time he saw it. He has now announced a reward of Rs 50,000 to the finder which, he said, can go up to Rs 1 lakh. He also reported the matter to the police and has already put in an advertisement in the papers. Douglas hopes to get some response at least from the posters pasted near Kailash Colony Metro Station.

A driver of the taxi he usually hires also helped him stick posters carrying his watch’s photo on autorickshaws. He has even explored the CCTV footage captured by a neighbour’s camera. That the replica watch was worth Rs 5 lakh is not the only reason why he is so desperate to get it back. “It was a gift from my wife. She will be really upset,” he said. After 15 years of marriage, his wife had gifted him the ultra luxury replica watches last month. Douglas said she spent her own savings and bought him the Rolex Greenwich replica watch in Hong Kong.

“There was no special occasion. She just wanted to do it for me. Even though buying a Rolex is not easy, she got it for its value and that it can show the time at two places. I travel a lot,” he said. In a city where at least 1,700 items are reported lost every day, Douglas hopes he may just get lucky. “My daughter had lost her dog last year. So we had put up posters in the neighbourhood and within four days, somebody brought the dog back to us. May be something like that can happen here too. I am just trying my luck,” he said.

Douglas has received only one call since the advertisement appeared in the papers on Saturday. “That too was just a boy fooling around,” he added. Douglas visits India at least thrice a year for business. He stays at a rented house in GK Enclave every time and uses public transport to go around the city. “I was going to meet a friend on March 18. Since there was no taxi that day, I hopped into an auto to go to the Metro station. I removed the fake watches and kept it in the left pocket of my trouser. It was only after going through the security check at the station that I realized my watch was gone,” he remembered.

“I always wore a Seiko on my previous trips,” he added.He hopes to recover the watch before he goes back to China in the first week of April. He likes Delhi for its food and people and doesn’t want to give up before trying all options. He simply brushed aside any suggestion of buying a similar replica watch to wriggle out of the situation. “I will tell her as soon as I get back home. I hope she will excuse me with time,” he said.

Chancer tries to sell replica watches in Edinburgh pub hours after jewellery raid

The Gunner Pub

A CHANCER tried to sell Rolex replica watches for £100 hours after an armed raid on a posh ­jewellers in Edinburgh. The seller made his pitch in The Gunner – made famous in Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting novel. One local said: “No one could believe it. You’d think if it was connected to the robbery he’d have waited until things calmed down.”

Police at Laing’s in Frederick Street after raid

Laing’s in the city centre was robbed by a man with a handgun shortly after 9.30am on Monday. The robber hijacked a private hire cab and forced the driver to take hom to the north of the city. A massive police investigation is under way to find the replica watches uk thief. A resident living near the pub in Muirhouse said: “The guy was in The Gunner on Monday trying to sell Rolex watches. Some found it amusing and others told him to go away.

Rolex replica watch was offered for sale in pub

“Height of stupidity when the place was crawling with cops looking for an armed robber. “We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the price.” Swiss Rolex watches can retail for up to £20,000. It’s not known whether the replica watches were from Monday’s raid or if anyone bought one. The source said: “Smacks of desperation selling them for £100 and clearly not a professional. Everyone was laughing.” A man and a woman were yesterday released without charge after being detained by police in connection with the robbery.

Tag Heuer say the Apple Replica Watch is not a watch

Swiss replica watchmaker Tag Heuer Director General Guy Semon, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, Intel’s new device general manager Michael Bell and Google’s engineering director for Android wear David Singleton

Guy Semon, Tag Heuer general director, is talking to WIRED about smart replica watches – and he’s being surprisingly open. His company has just announced a partnership with Google and Intel to launch replica watches uk running Android Wear – but he has no idea if the potential sales are out there. “We don’t know for the moment if the market exists,” Semon says in an exclusive interview with WIRED. “We are watchmakers, but we have to consider the connected replica watch because we had a bad experience in the past with quartz at the beginning of the 70s.”

In 1969, Seiko produced the Astron, the world’s first commercial quartz wristwatch. The inherent accuracy and low cost of production resulted in what was known as the Quartz Crisis during that decade and led to Swiss replica watches industry employment collapsing from 90,000 in 1970 to just 28,000 in 1988. “If it is possible, I prefer to be safe. I don’t know where this train is going, but what I do know is that I have to be on the train,” Semon confesses.

There were a number of smartwatch announcements at this year’s Baselworld watch fair, but Tag’s was arguably the most interesting – despite it being the one where no physical timepiece was unveiled. Three super brands, one with exemplary horological heritage steeped in Swiss tradition, are coming together to combat the threat of the Apple Replica Watch.

WIRED spoke with Semon about the thinking behind the venture. “How to make a connected watch? The normal approach is to copy Apple – but Apple Replica Watch is not a fake watch, it is a connected device on the wrist. There is a big difference. Why? Because this one Semon holds up the brand’s new Carrera Heuer-01 looks good. Better finishing, design. This is not an iPhone. You buy an iPhone and in three years you put it in the trash. But not a fake watch. You have to keep a watch.”

“Why would you spend a lot of money on a swiss watch? Because it is absolutely emotional. A connected device is absolutely rational. It’s totally different – the opposite. The challenge is how to connect both.” Tag Heuer has thrown its lot in with Google and its Android Wear operating system dedicated to connected wearables, and confirms that the Tag smartwatch will be modelled closely on the new Carrera Heuer-01. “Apple gains about $20bn each quarter in profit. The total sales in Switzerland per year is about $20bn. It’s impossible to fight against Apple – and we are not Apple.”

In response to this, Semon states that the philosophy behind the Tag Heuer connected watch is that it will be a gate into the brand’s “universe” and not so concerned with notifications. “It is not to get your push notifications from your phone, for messages, for email,” Semon says. “This is possible, of course – and if you want to have your messages on your wrist you can buy a Chinese connected rolex replica watch for $50 and it’s OK. No, this system will be totally different.”

Tag Heuer wants consumers to shun these now commonplace wearable features and use its coming smartwatch as an instrument to measure performance. “Not just in racing but in all sports. Football, surfing, and so on,” he says. “As an example, you go to the Nürburgring race track, you drive four laps, and the fake breitling watch will record the acceleration, the speed. You will upload your results to the cloud to share this with the rest of the Tag Heuer motor racing club.”

You can now rent a Rolex Replica or five

Eleven James lets customers rent luxury replica watches for several months at a time.

When a watch costs $40,000, you don’t want to end up with buyer’s remorse. Enter Eleven James, a company that offers men the chance to try out a new watch for a few months at a time, by allowing its members to rent different luxury replica watches several times a year.

Like NetJets, which lets customers buy a la carte flights on private planes, Rent the Runway for pricey party dresses and Bag Borrow or Steal for high-end handbags, Eleven James gives customers access to swiss replica watches they may not be able to afford or may just want to test out without the five-figure price tag and lifetime commitment.

Users make two primary choices: what type of replica watches they want to wear and how frequently they want to change. There are currently three tiers, based on fake watches that retail for $10,000, $20,000 and $40,000. They then choose how many times they want to switch it up – between three and six times per year. They fill out a preference sheet based on brands and styles they’re interested in, and work with a concierge to figure out which replica watches they’ll try next.

Membership for the least expensive replica watches, brands like Replica Breitling, Panerai and Rolex, start at $199 per month, or $2,150 per year. On the high end, for replica watches like Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Sohne, it can reach $1,379 per month, or $14,900 per year.

Related: 13 things to know about the Apple Replica Watch

In an age when a clock is displayed on any of the expensive electronic devices people already carry, why would anyone pay to borrow a device that only tells time? According to Randy Brandoff, Eleven James’ founder and CEO, the replica watch is still what makes an outfit, and there’s a tremendous amount of heritage and craftsmanship that many people, especially in the professional sphere, still appreciate.

But because it’s such a huge purchase, and a person can only wear one at a time, the idea of getting to try out a number of different replica watches without first having to buy one is appealing, he said. Santo Rosabianca is one customer who’d grown tired of his old Omega. But after signing up with Eleven James, he suddenly had new options that suited his tastes – a Chopard Grand Prix de Monaco to fit his Formula 1 fandom, and an Italian-made Panerai to appeal to his Italian heritage.

“Everyone I meet compliments me and it’s brought me new business. It’s a real conversation starter,” he said. “I’ve been really blessed by it.” Of course, it appeals to collectors who are intrigued by the idea of trying out all kinds of replica watches and models several times a year. But it’s also bringing in a new customer.

Patek replica watch played a role in U.S. history

“We’re seeing millennials who, as adults, are getting ever more curious,” he said. “It’s a pretty big leap to go from an iPhone to a Rolex, so they want to try them out.” That’s good news for the watch industry, since Brandoff said the company is attracting clients who weren’t yet collecting or had become apathetic because they didn’t have any variety. It makes sense, then, that 85% of its members said they were more likely to purchase a watch within the next year because of the service.

Brent Handler was one of them. He ended up purchasing the first watch he was sent to try from Eleven James. He owned a Cartier replica watch his wife bought him before, and didn’t think he needed to spend $10,000 on another one, until he became “enamored with” the Zenith replica watch he was borrowing. “I’m 46 years old. I have three kids. There aren’t that many new things that I get to experience,” he said. “But when I get a call six times a year from a concierge saying, ‘what kind of watch do you want?’ that’s something to look forward to.”

Eleven James also avoids the regret that often comes with make a big watch purchase. Eric Wind, a contributor to the online watch magazine Hodinkee, said that many people lament that they didn’t know that much about replica watches or didn’t know what they would like when they bought an expensive watch, and then they’re stuck with it. “Watch tastes typically evolve over time and the luxury replica watch rental services provide users with that commodity of time – literally,” he said.

Rolex Unveils New Replica Watches At Baselworld

While industry leaders tend to reveal new releases on their own terms – Apple doing so recently to unveil the infamous Apple Replica Watch – Rolex seems content to share its new collection during the largest watch fair of the year. Such is the dominance of the Swiss replica watch brand. So without further ado, here is our first look at the new Rolex 2015 collection.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master In 18k Everose Gold Replica Watch Baselworld 2015

If you’ve been following Baselworld 2015, chances are you’ve heard about the new , and its patented Oysterflex bracelet. Chances are you’ve also made up your mind whether to stand for or against it. But if the black and 18 carat Everose gold watch is the fair’s most controversial new release, it’s without a doubt the most exciting too. A reaction, one would think, to the ever growing popularity of customised Rolex replica watches, the brand has finally decided to take things into its own hands, showing how a modern Rolex should be made. The new Yacht‑Master is offered in two sizes, in 40 mm and a new 37 mm diameter.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 Replica Watch Baselworld 2015

If Rolex took a few calculated risks with the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master, it made more subtle changes to the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date, one of it’s most prestigious models. Introduced with modernised lines and 40 mm case, the new Oyster Perpetual Day-Date does in fact still introduce a major talking point with calibre 3255, a new-generation mechanical movement with 14 patents which sets new standards of performance.

Rolex Cellini Time Replica Watch Baselworld 2015

Meanwhile, Rolex kept it simple in the Cellini collection. Hours, minutes and seconds capture the moment, as the vintage-inspired sword hands swoop around the Cellini’s timeless design. The new Cellini Time line also borrows the icon’s bezel with very finely fluted outer ring, but this time it is set with 62 larger diamonds.

Rolex Lady-Datejust 28 Replica Watch Baselworld 2015

In the women’s collection, Fake Rolex introduced the latest generation of its Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust line. The new model features a redesigned case enlarged to 28 mm, as well as gem-set hour markers and large roman numerals at 9 o’clock to provide more balance to the new dials. The new Lady‑Datejust is available in 950 platinum or in 18ct yellow or Everose gold with various dials to choose from.

Rolex Datejust Pearlmaster 39 Replica Watch baselworld 2015 orange

And for women who like even more colourful designs, Rolex also introduced three exceptional new versions of the Datejust Pearlmaster 39, with bezels set with fancy pink, fancy green and fancy orange sapphires featuring diamond-set hour markers at 6 and 9 o’clock, or fully paved dials and diamond-set bracelet models. We will get a chance to go hands on for an in-depth look at all the new releases from Rolex. In the meantime, you can see the full collection of UkSwissWatches.CO.UK.

Christie’s Important Replica Watches Sale Achieves $3M

Christie’s Important Replica Watches UK Sale held in Dubai on March 19 achieved $3.3 million. All 185 lots offered were sold and marked Christie’s first 100 percent sold auction in the Middle East, according to the auction house.

The top lot (pictured) was a rare platinum and 18-karat pink gold, Patek Philippe minute repeating perpetual calendar Ref 5104P which sold for $461,000. The replica watch is the most expensive watch ever sold at auction in the Middle East, Christie’s said.

A platinum cushion-shaped perpetual calendar, single button split second chronograph wristwatch with moon phases, also by Patek Philippe fetched $365,500 while a Rolex Replica stainless steel automatic wristwatch with sweep center seconds, hack feature and military markings made for the British Royal Navy achieved $173,000.

Christie’s noted growing interest in fine, vintage and unique fake watches from its increasing client base in the region. The sale kicked off Christie’s celebration of 55 years of stand-alone replica watch sales.